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Thank God(s) (I don't want to leave anyone out) for the wonder of music, and particularly this wonderful Beautiful South track.

In other news, I watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life yesterday, although I've seen it many times before, but the wonder of a bad memory is I got to enjoy it all over again. I certainly don't remember picking up on all the social commentary before, although I'm sure I must have done. Particularly such wonders as "Every Sperm is Sacred", the "Sex Education" scene with John Cleese, "The Crimson Permanent Assurance", "Zulu War" with the toff officers etc. etc. Most if not all of the commentary as equally valid now as it was 20 years ago. 5/5

I also watched Doom, and it's pretty much as I expected. Basically they stole most of the ideas from Aliens and the remainder from Resident Evil, so queue up a bunch of dysfunctional marines entering a base on an alien planet to try and determine what has happened to the scientists that were there. The Rock gives a classic performance as "Sarge", and Karl Urban gives a great performance also as John Grimm, basically the hero of the film, aside from the gorgeous Rosamund Pike who plays his sister, Samantha Grimm. There are of course the many nods to the game, including sound effects, characters such as Dr. Carmack, the monsters, weapons (both BFG and chainsaw), and one of the last sequences featuring the FPS perspective (which works quite well). All-in-all a good but derivative action romp, and that's about it. Disable brain, watch. 4/5

Going back to that retro feel, Lu and I watched Total Recall a couple of days ago. Just like cornflakes, I'd forgotten what an awesome film this is. Has some cheesy as hell moments, but some classic performances, incredible story, good effects (albeit looking a little dated now in parts) and a great score by Jerry Goldsmith. 5/5

Still have to watch The Eye 2 (described as Visoes here in Brazil) and Saints and Soldiers.

I've also got most of The Tripods Season 2, thanks to the wonders of P2P. I haven't watched this in 20 years! But it's still excellent. Although Season 1 was released on DVD, the second season hasn't made it due to licensing issues. P2P keeps things like this alive. The Tripods was such an awesome project, and it's a real shame that the Beeb don't do more science fiction of this quality. They could even finish it and film the third book, and even the prequel book.
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