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Watched Saw II yesterday. It was a bit of a mixed bag. I wasn't expecting classic horror, although the first film was interesting. They kept some elements of the first film i.e. the puzzles by the jigsaw killer, but made the fatal mistake of revealing who he was. Horror writers really need to learn to maintain atmosphere, that less is usually more. This wasn't helped by him being rather badly played (or directed) by the "rent a looney" Tobin Bell. Curiously I notice he was credited as being in the previous film, but I don't remember him at all. Ho hum. Anyway, they mix the previous puzzle plot up with the killer himself, and further complicate it with the son of a police detective being in the equation (and having to solve puzzles). Rather than enhancing the story it just seems to dilute it and the atmosphere that maintained the original. Add to that a confusing ending that just seemed tacked on and to abrupt (and no doubt setting up for another film). So overall a bit of a disappointment only balanced by some good moments. 3/5

Note the reviewer bias as I love most horror films.
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