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The sun has finally reared its head today, and the day is gorgeous and a cracking 30°C (contrary to the forecast). If the forecast is to be believed a proper Spring might be heading this way, but this year the weather has been strangely mixed with some days of sun, rain and just generally greyness. The sun always cheers up a gloomy day!

What with the sun out, and a police helicopter buzzing overhead, I went out and took a few quick photos...

Said Military Police helicopter hovered over the house for a few minutes, although I have no idea what was going on.

A Buddleia I think, about to bud...

More flowers...

Strange looking flower this, like a brush...

An orchid, complete with tiny ant at the top...

A huge butterfly who wouldn't stand still for his/her photo...

A weird alien looking "metallic" insect...

El dog pulls a funny face and pokes out his tongue...

To celebrate the sun I just had my hair cut :-)

Plans for the weekend are Portuguese lesson tomorrow, followed by travelling to see Lu's family in Botucatu (inland) on Sunday and Monday. It's a holiday on Tuesday, "Dia da Republica" to celebrate when Brazil was proclaimed a republic.

And not done this for a while, one of the Friday Fives...

From the altfriday5:

1. What are you doing, if anything, to mark Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day? (I believe this holiday is observed in most of the countries in which altfriday5ers live; my apologies if this is not so in your country.)

Just remembering and thankful that both my sets of Grandparents and parents survived it, and also thankful to my Grandfathers who fought in it.

2. What personal connections do you have through your family or yourself, if any, to previous or current wars?

As above, my grandfathers fought in it although both came home safe. My Mum and Dad were both shipped off to friends of the family who took care of them while London was bombed and their parents stayed behind there.

3. If you had to choose one war to be remembered by the world over all others, which one would you choose? Why?

World War 2, because it indicates the horror that people are capable of, and that should be remembered and never allowed again.

4. How much would you say you know about previous wars? Current wars?

I studied the First and Second World War at school in some detail, as well as completing a project on the Vietnam War. I worked with the UK Ministry of Defence for 4 years, and try to keep appraised of current events (wars). I have enough knowledge to get by, but don't study in detail.

5. What is the most important lesson to be learned from the remembrance of wars, previous and current?

That people are capable of terrible things, as above. Usually in the pursuit of perverted ideals.
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