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Woohoo! We got the keys for the flat today! We met up with the previous owner and had a good look around the now very empty rooms... but it's still in great condition, and the living room looks a lot larger than I remember. The only priorities are to get some of the inevitable holes in the wall filled, and to get it painted and the floor sanded and varnished. This is aside from buying a cooker, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, sofa, dining room table, and other bits 'n' bobs.

It was such a wonderful feeling to feel that it's finally "ours" (aside from Lu actually owning it ;-) I can't wait to move!

We were told the building has its own Internet for 40 Reais a month (about £10), but we can also opt for a 3rd party service. Perhaps we'll try their service?...

And the weather is GLORIOUS again today, 30+°C and looks like it's here to stay for a bit, perhaps with a few thunderstorms over the next few days.

Here's an entry I wrote yesterday on the mobile phone...

This entry is brought to you via Orneta notepad, as I'm typing it on my lovely SPV mobile phone. It's a bit of hard work with the numeric keys, but made a lot easier with the ambiguous text input. Anyway, we arrived in Botucatu yesterday. and the weather is glorious. Helped I think by Botucatu being at a higher altitude than Sao Paulo. Also there's no pollution like Sao Paulo, plus the beautiful countryside and nature. Boy do i miss that. Given the choice I'd rather buy a house here, and make sure to build a swimming pool. The only downside to living here is the even lower chance of getting a job. But in Sao Paulo that seems to be infinitesimal anyway. There are some beautiful houses here though, including Lu's aunt's house, and pretty much every time we come here there are blue skies and sun. It would be a much better place to have kids, aside from England. Lu's family are fun to be around. They're always joking and laughing.

Yesterday we were with various cousins, one of whom has a Ford Landau, and took us for a drive. The car had seats like benches and the suspension made it feel like a water bed. Today things were a bit quieter, and we went for a bit of a walk as well as popping into the town centre.
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