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BB Piano
I wonder how much computer game reviewers get paid?... It's gotta be good compared to Brazilian wages. If I could persuade a US or UK magazine to courier me games I could write reviews. Of course not many people want this job I'm sure ;-) But at least I have real world writing experience.

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I'd rate your chances of success somewhere between "tooth floss slim" and "none" :/

I'm not being facetious or inflammatory here, but what is you think you'd offer them that a journalism graduate or an established industry person wouldn't? If you're interested in seeing how your reviews fare, EuroGamer (a well respected gaming site) are accepting user reviews.

Sadly, I think that the days of "bedroom review sites" are over too, otherwise I'd suggest that to you. I know plenty of people who still receive pre-release material (ie full games) from people like Sony and Nintendo because they used to run their own gaming review sites before the likes of IGN, EuroGamer and GameSpot grew to dominate as they do now. Unfortunately, I think people have missed the boat with that now :/

Just to reiterate I'm not trying to be an asshole and insult you or piss you off here :)

Oh, I forgot...

I wonder how much computer game reviewers get paid?...

"Not very much" ;)

Yep, full time journalists aren't paid well I'm sure, but relative to the cost of living in Brazil it would be better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick (and better than nothing also!).

Freelance journalists get paid surprisingly well though, so it does depend on the style of working (and the content).

I know someone who writes for a PC magazine (PC Review or something like that?) and he earns under £11k :/

Still, as you say it'd be good if you could swing something like that especially considering the cost of living and so on :)

Having looked at some Gamespot reviews yesterday, they weren't particularly good. At least they weren't telling me much that I wanted to know. That may be for reasons of advertising skewed reviews, but even so they weren't great or even good.

I'm sure it falls into the "snowball in hell" chance, but I have seen sites advertising for reviewers in the past.

Gamespot and IGN reviews are renowned for being poorly written shite. I don't even bother to read reviews on either site to be honest. There are also often.... anomalies with their review scores of particular games compared to the vast majority of other sites, if you know what I mean? *cough* CASH CHANGING HANDS *cough*

Gamespot reviews are in general somewhere below OK, for me. Not awful, just not good or helpful.

Yeah when I'm interested in a game that's not a cert' I tend to look things up on GameRankings and take an average view based on several professional reviews and several user reviews. IMO, you can't beat a good quality user review. The only problem is sorting through the glut of fanboy and anti-fanboy reviews to get to them :/

Why don't you write a review of a game and send it in to EuroGamer, or post it in your LJ?

I tend to write pocket reviews of films etc. here, and even the odd game (as you've probably noticed). I do have to be in the right mood to write well though, so when the moment hits me I'll have a proper go. And of course the problem with any review, even with games, is that it's subject to bias.

£11k is pretty bad, although I'm not massively surprised. I was expecting something around £15k.

My boss works as a freelance journalist as well, and he does quite well. But he writes on a specialist topic for US magazines that are in big money spinning industries. He was saying this is the key to finding a journalism job that pays well.

I'm still trying to think of a job I can do remotely, or perhaps I should just write that Donnie Darko book... ;-)

Any review, professional or not, is subject to some type of bias. I suppose that really one of the things that's meant to separate the professional review from the amateur is how much the reviewer can suspend their bias, whether it's positive or negative?

I'd go with the idea of the Donnie Darko book if I were you, provided nobody has beaten you to it? I don't really follow what you get up to with your DD stuff directly, but from what you've said on here you're well respected in the community, and are obviously knowledgeable about it.

I prefer reviewers (film, music, games...) that get as much factual information in as possible. The personal factor should be a footnote.

The DD book would be tricky. There is already one book out there, but all it is is an interview with Richard Kelly (the writer/director). The tricky part would be content, although I'm in the fortunate position of at least knowing his brother (which might help). Problem is that, despite the appearance of my LJ, I'm not a waffler when it comes to writing for a task. Often books like this require waffle, and I can see DD needing that as well as LOTS of research with those involved. As a model there's a WONDERFUL book about the making of Blade Runner which could at least give a template... but this is written by a respected film journalist who got to visit the set etc.

I've got that Blade Runner book :)

Ah yeah?! It be greatttt :-)

I agree. I went on a Blade Runner spree back when I first went to Uni, so I ended up with about three different editions of the film and seventeen books to go with them ;)

have you considered applying to write for Weblogs Inc.? they own several technology and video game weblogs and they pay their bloggers $4 a post. you might want to keep your day job still, but an extra few hundred dollars a month can't be that bad.

Ahhh, interesting. I'll go have a look see :-)

Haha if you find the key to playing games and making good money I will be insanely jealous!

It seems that often careers are inversely proportional in job satisfaction vs. salary.

This is true to a degree, journalism does not pay as well as I thought it did, I've met a few journalists, not nationals but locals but even on nationals apparently the pay isn't great.

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