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My Portuguese teacher was trying to motivate me to study the Vestibular next year (the entrance exam for universities in Brazil) with a view to trying to get in and study medicine.

It was always my dream to work in medicine as a Doctor, but the practical side is overwhelmingly against it...

Edit: In other news there I am trying to use Excel on a Brazilian version of Windows, and trying to understand why dividing two fractional numbers won't work... and then I twig that Brazil uses a comma as a decimal point. I don't know whose silly idea this was, but it must be the bane of computer programmers for starters.

Edit 2: And in other other news, watched Man On the Moon last night. It's been a few years since I last watched it, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The film tells the life story of Andy Kaufman, who perhaps most famously played Latka in Taxi, but the film is much more than this telling the bizarre story and recounting the even bizarrer sense of humour that he had. I'm typically a fan of biographical films, as that sense of reality adds an edge to the story. Fantastic performance by Jim Carrey also. 4/5

Any biographical film favourites of those out there in LJland?
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