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Christmas... Holidays... Winter... whatever it is

Saw an interesting article on CNN last night about the religious backlash (or frontlash) over Christmas vs. Holiday term in the USA. Similar things have of course been afoot in the UK with the changes of "Christmas Lights" to "Winter Lights" in some towns and cities.

One thing I hadn't heard before though was that in the US Constitution apparently all religions are supposed to be treated equally, or something to that effect. A surprisingly forward piece of thinking for the time it was written (although my US history isn't good at the best of times... hell my history is ropey full stop). So some folks are citing the Constitution as being a reason not to call Christmas err... Christmas, well at least not in public circles. Also various religious items, principally Christian, are being removed from government related buildings such as courts. Although this I agree with. The government should be independent of religion. Then they discussed the problem with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Constitution being at odds, and that I think one state has had this altered.

Well, I found it interesting :-)
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