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I've been messing with some of the afternoon. Their support is *excellent* and surprisingly didn't quibble when I said I had to register a new email address (it was my old work address as a login) and I needed to know my password. 24 hours and they sorted it out.

I notice they've added workplaces now as well, so I added myself to those. Updated my profile... well, my old profile had vanished anyway. I would like to contact some folks, particularly from where I used to work, but I think £7.50 for membership is a bit OTT and will skip it for the moment. I left my web site address in the profile so folks can contact me via that if they so wish. I remember 3 or 4 years ago I was contacted by a few people, but strangely people I didn't really remember that well or consider very good friends.

It's a shame in a way that it's not even more popular, probably 75% or more of folks from Comprehensive weren't listed on there.

Your 2005 Song Is

Hung Up by Madonna

"Every little thing that you say or do
I'm hung up
I'm hung up on you"

You'll be rockin' in the New Year in your croch-o-tard!
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