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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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And in movie news...
Just having a quick look through months of trailer downloads I haven't got round to watching. Really it's just all the classic action movies of the next few months that look interesting and not a lot else...

Superman Returns, despite the mild furore I've read about this looks interesting. At least the footage so far doesn't put me off. Then there's V for Vendetta (with a return from the Wachowski brothers), Mission Impossible 3, X Men 3 (somewhat worryingly though it's being directed by Brett Ratner), Underworld Evolution and The Da Vinci Code, which looks more than just a paint by numbers of the book.

Hostel looks like a Saw rip-off, despite supposedly being based on true events. Perhaps just another of the not so recent trend of ultra violent teen slashers.

Monster House, despite the title, looks like a fun family film.

Steve Martin is just digging himself deeper and deeper into career hell with the likes of The Pink Panther. He can't even manage a vaguely comical French accent, and it's an insult to Peter Sellers. In fact at times he looks uncannily like Jim Davidson.

There doesn't appear to be much in the way of original SF, fantasy or horror film upcoming, except for perhaps The Fountain which looks to be the most interesting of the bunch. There's also the long awaited A Scanner Darkly, although having just finished the book I found it a slog. I hope the film's better otherwise I'll be taking a book to read at the cinema.

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I'll be interested to see A Scanner Darkly. I've never been a big PKD fan, but I've enjoyed a couple of adaptations of his novels or short stories (Blade Runner and Total Recall - the less said about Scanners and Paycheck, the better).

I can't quite seem to work up the enthusiasm for anything else, with the possible exception of X-Men 3 (despite the director) and Superman Returns. I'll see Underworld: Evolution for the Marco Beltrami score, of course.

A Scanner Darkly looks odd, it has to be said. I love the visual style though, and may well end up liking that more than the story. I've liked Linklater's films for visuals and originality, but I've found all of them boring to-date.

Hopefully they'll be surprise films during 2006...

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