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Hooray! Made it to the UK without too many problems.

As per usual I suffered from AWFUL leg cramps throughout most of the flight, so didn't grab more than a few minutes sleep which in turn means I feel awful at the moment. Hopefully given a day or two it will pass. Thanks to inverse daylight savings time there's only a 2 hour change in the clocks between Brazil and the UK, so nothing much to adjust to.

It was fantastic to see Mum and Dad at the airport, although I was a bit numb from the lack of sleep (and still am).

There were many parcels waiting at the house. The good news is that someone sent me two headphone adapter cables for my SPV C500 via eBay, instead of just one.

Also the PC upgrade parts look excellent, and the motherboard also looks to be a great one. I didn't realise it had an optical out for audio, as well as a few other nifty settings. I'm thinking, after recounting to tsutton over IM, that I'll fit the CPU and fan, and also fit the graphics card and hard disk to test. Then if all is well I'll leave the CPU and fan fitted, and transport them to Brazil in the original box, just with a cut-out for the fan. I've seen a couple of shops use this method of transport. I'll keep them in my hand luggage, so they should be kept safe.

One bit of so-so bad news is the motherboard requires an ATX v2 PSU. I'd never heard of this before, although it suddenly clicked that the PSU I bought for Dad's PC was ATX v2, only I didn't use the extra 12V connector. So I've had to spend more money, and buy a suitable PSU to take back to Brazil also. I opted for a decent Akasa one, which is auto-voltage sensing, and quiet. Hopefully Overclockers will deliver soon.

I'd bought a card reader over eBay and when I tried to insert my miniSD card clearly something was wrong as the socket wasn't suitable. I backtracked to the auction and noticed in the small print that to use miniSD cards you need an SD adapter. Luckily Dad had got a free adapter when buying his miniSD card, so I can use that.

The other bit of bad news was the eBay purchase of my 1Gb miniSD card for my mobile. In short it hasn't arrived. I've contacted the seller, but am a touch wary as they don't have a perfect trading record, although they have had 1000s of trades and are essentially a shop. The card was £50, so I would like to get the money back at least. It was sent recorded delivery, so there should be some come back on this. Although the few negative comments about this trader imply that they don't respond to email. Ho hum.

To end on a bit of good news, I managed to install Destinator SP without any major problems, although I had to reset the bluetooth pairing for the GPS (TomTom had also gone doolally, so it was a general problem). Destinator SP is actually pretty good, and not far short of TomTom. Next thing will be to see if I can install the Sao Paulo map.

In other news, my sister and family had left the day free for us to go and see them. So we all traipsed the hour or so to Dorset once we'd got to Farnham, and freshened up a bit. I was still a bit out of it, but it was great to see her, the twins and Paul. We went out for a delicious lunch, and then came back to Farnham to tidy up, unpack suitcases, and further check the parcels.

Plans for tomorrow are to go to Farnham or somewhere, get Lu a birthday card (her birthday is on Tuesday) and wrapping paper for her presents. I also need to get Dad and Jo their Christmas presents, although I know what I'm getting.
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