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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Spam and Trailers
Deckard in Spinner
Why is it that the bane of email users, spam, is proving so hard to stop? Surely all it would take is some program that collectively pulls together something like the junk mail filter responses from Outlook, and turns them into an update that can be downloaded to all users.

The Outlook junk email filter is pretty damn good, but could be better.

Just watched the first Miami Vice trailer. Doesn't look bad, but then doesn't necessarily look good either. It looks like it will involve the usual fast cars, fast women, drugs, speedboats, planes etc. but the whole point of Miami Vice was that 80s scene, and this isn't set in the 80s. Might be a fun cop/action flick, if we're lucky.

The Hills Have Eyes has been remade to join the trend of gory horror remakes. Trailer looks reasonable, but I'm guessing it'll be standard fare. Wolf Creek's another, with the kickers that it comes from Oz and is allegedly based on true events.

Mel Gibson is continuing his historical and serious trend with Apocalypto, which sounds like it should be a comic book story, but is based on the Spanish conquest of Mexico 600 years ago. I've not cared much for Braveheart, The Patriot (which both seem to stem from some anti-English thing that Mel suffers from), or The Passion of the Christ (which was just boring), but this I'm more interested in.

Forgot to mention, I notice they used Michael Andrews' Donnie Darko soundtrack music in The Unseen Spike Milligan.

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Wolf Creek is pretty-much completely fictionalised although we have had a few leatherface-types stalking the outback (most recently the killer of Peter Falconio). Ivan Milat is most likely the main inspiration for the killer in the movie.

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