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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
So LJ readers, I leave it in your hands (almost). Should I buy an LCD screen while in the UK, to take back to Brazil?


It's at LEAST 50% cheaper than in Brazil


I risk taking it in the suitcase, albeit a hard case
If I get caught by customs I may have to pay the 95% duty

Should I buy an LCD screen in the UK?

Yes, definitely!
Yes, perhaps
No, I don't think so
No, definitely not
Don't know
Or something else (post in discussion)

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Yep, I'll pay another 95% on the original price. In reality though to buy this screen on the high street in Brazil I'll probably pay more like 150-200%, as LCD screens are still not so common in Brazil, certainly 19" screens like the one I'm after.

When I entered Brazil I went through "Nothing to Declare" and wasn't stopped ;-) I'm not sure how the tax works on older belongings, but for new items it should definitely be paid. I'm already "smuggling" through a motherboard, CPU, graphics card and hard disk, but am on the cusp of the US$1000 maximum (when I combine with Lu, as we can both bring US$500 of items each).

Ouch. We'll I suppose it's worth the gamble then if you are prepared to pay the penalty if caught. There's not any chance of prosecution or anything that would give you a criminal record is there? Just fines?

As for damage to the LCD, if you wrap it really well in towels and clothes, I think it will travel quite well. I have a 19", and it's so light and compact. It shouldn't make the case seem unusually heavy or anything.

Just paying the duty I think. It may even involve some backhander to the customs police, I've heard they're totally corrupt, at least with importing lots of goods by sea. Maybe I'll even get away with it by pretending it's secondhand. There won't be any packaging or manuals.

So far I've been through customs twice without being stopped, but we all know Sods Law...

I'm going to put the screen in the top half of a hard shell type suitcase, wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by clothes. It's about the best I can think to protect it. I agree that it should travel OK, albeit a slight risk. Certainly better than a CRT.

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