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Nuclear secrets of 1975 revealed. Papers released from the National Archives elaborate on what would have happened in the UK during a nuclear attack, including the emptying of hospitals, and the preservation of art in Welsh slate mines.

Gender gap alive and well online. A fascinating study shows that men and women are roughly equal in 'net usage, but that men use it significantly more for investigation, while women use it for keeping in touch.

Star Trek is 'most missed' series. A UK poll shows that Star Trek (The Original Series) is the most missed series from TV, with notable entries from Blake's 7 (No. 5) and the X-Files (No. 6).

'Home alone' deaths for thousands. A UK study by a Liberal Democrat MP shows that thousands of people die alone and in poverty, highlighting the loneliness that blights society.

Galileo satellite phones home. Europe's attempt to "free" itself from the poor resolution US GPS system gets off the blocks, with the first test satellite (designed in Surrey) successfully working in space. I just hope I don't need another version of TomTom! ;-)

Cruise 'irritates most' say fans. An Empire magazine poll names Tom Cruise the biggest movie star of all time, but also the star most likely to irritate fans.

US CD album sales show 7% slide. CDs show their first yearly drop in sales in the US, with downloads doubling in number. But with "gems" like Mariah Carey and 50 Cent being the favoured CDs, is it any wonder there's been a slide...
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