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Spoke to Lu this morning, and she's just finishing her packing. She's a packing demon, and I don't know how she fits the stuff she does in suitcases. Even so I think she's struggling after buying a few things, including an LCD screen for her PC. She has very kindly bought me the new Star Wars game, and I'm hoping she'll get the new Lord of the Rings game also, and perhaps a Warhammer 40K bundle with the Winter Assault expansion pack, which doesn't seem to have made it here.

On the topic of games, I'd had enough of CS:S so tried Fable. I wasn't all that impressed, although I played it for 30 minutes or so. Just too similar to other things in that third person RPG type way. I then realised I had never finished Half Life 2, although I've lost all my save games, so I went back and started from the beginning. With the new PC, and the new graphics card, it looks incredible. So that's proving to be great fun that was perhaps glossed over the first time around. I was playing 'til 4am I think... I also downloaded an ancient demo for a game called Perimeter, by Codemasters. It's supposedly a highly original RTS, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I've just installed it and am going to play.

I managed to watch the third episode of Surface, or most of it. It was very irritating to watch as every few seconds the picture would freeze but the audio continued. It's still OK, although the plot is slowing down.
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