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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Sao Paulo Blues
Deckard in Spinner
Emails like this are depressing (the middle part that is):

Hello there,

I "bumped" into you while searching for elucidation in the Creative forum -- replaceable battery or not, that is the question; amongst others from someone who wishes to go nowhere near an iPod and decided to try something else -- and have to confess I was quite stumped.

I have to ask, and pardon if it is too personal: what the hell are you doing in grimy, grey, violent, messy, noisy Sao Paulo (jobless, still? Sorry I can be of no help to you there) when you could still be biking in the English woods and driving your Corrado??? I am allowed to criticise, since I was born in SP and lived there until October 2004...

By the way, both your English and Portuguese are impeccable.

Best regards,

Edit: Plus I'm ill for some reason. I feel nauseous, and I can feel my glands are up and have the general cold aches. It feels a bit odd though, not like a normal cold.

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I don't know; she might have a point, but on the other hand, not many people get the opportunity to experience life in a place like there, so at least you've had that part of it.

You have a point, and I always try and look at both sides of things (often to my own confusion!). I often note that people hate where they are born because it's too boring, ugly etc.

Also my Corrado, although lovely, was just beginning to rust and turn into a nightmare problem. I sold it at a good time I think, although I do miss what a lovely drive it was, and miss having a nice car... or just any car generally. Although I'm not sure I want to drive in Sao Paulo...

But cycling and walking in the woods, that I really do miss.

I sometimes think I'd rather live anywhere in the world than here in Aberdeen - sure, a lot of people will say "Oooh, I wish I lived in Scotland!", but then tend to use 'Scotland' when they mean Edinburgh ;)

But then, when I think where I would LIKE to live instead, I'm left quite unsure - if I leave here I'll miss the closeness to the Highlands - 20 minutes in the car, and you can be in a car park surrounded by heather, in the middle of nowhere, with miles of walking all around you and the most fantastic scenery - an hour or so by car and you can be at mountains...

I'd miss the beach, even if I moved to somewhere else on the coast, it wouldn't be the same... I'd miss lots of things I take for granted just now, like the ease to get anywhere because it's all so SMALL here - we lived in London for almost a year, and it was so BIG!

Somewhere in the world, people will be living in their hometown, thinking it's boring and they wish they could leave, and though hard for me to believe, some of them probably dream about living in Aberdeen for... whatever reasons they have. I keep swithering in my posts about whether or not we're actually going to move or not, mostly because I'd love to, but I also don't want to! I think if the chance to live outwith the UK came up though, the decision would be easier, as it'd be a lifechanging thing, but yeah... there'd be a lot I'd miss I guess.

Woahhh, what's so wrong with Sao Paulo? I'd like to go there someday and skate.

Hey, Mark! Can you recommend me some software to get rid of spyware/adware?

I'm in two minds about SP, I guess like any place. It's polluted, and some of it's ugly and drab (slums and the concrete parts). Other parts are nice though, and there's plenty to do, hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants, first world shopping centres. The biggest problem for me is the lack of job, and I feel this constant gravitation back to the UK. As mentioned I don't miss my car soooo much, but I do miss nature and cycling.

For Spyware, get Spybot, and Ad-Aware. Make sure you update all of them with their latest definitions. Reboot in safe mode, and run each in turn.

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