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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Secret World

Gorgeous hand carved wooden doors.

Various hand carved wooden items. The scary guys with the teeth are usually kept in a house to ward off evil spirits.

Bizarre and incredible ice-cream making apparatus. Each valve is turned on (or off) to add the flavour to the ice-cream itself.

Incredible light shop, which sold a lot of the glass mosaic style shades, which I like a lot.

One wall of a shop that just sold leather sandals, of every conceivable style.

A stall selling dried flowers.

Another stall selling a variety of wooden birds to be hung from a ceiling.

Paper maché Don Quixotes (I bought one).

Some beautiful paintings. Lu and I wanted to buy the one center-right, but it was way too expensive for us. I got a dirty look from the assistant when I took the photo :-)

One of the many beautiful shop fronts. Note the carved women at each window.

I was inspired to take a photo of one of the many wind chimes on sale.

Wood carver on cigarrette break. Each piece takes around 3 months to carve, or so he said.

Lu and one of the carvings.

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She has her fantastic moments ;-)

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