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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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South Park 'battling' Scientology. After "chef" leaving the show the South Park creators have struck back with an amusing response.

Spielberg series sued for haircut. A Native American family are suing Steven Spielberg for around US$325,000 for cutting the hair of their daughter which goes against their tribal customs. That's one helluva'n expensive haircut.

Earth could seed Titan with life. In the continuing hope that's there life on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, a theory is being postulated that material thrown off of earth in meteorite impacts could have found its way there.

New eczema treatments on horizon. Interesting news for eczema sufferers, as researchers have found the errant gene that causes the condition. This is hoped to lead to treatments which tackle the underlying cause rather than the symptoms.

Canada's growing marijuana problem. An article about the marijuana "industry" in Canada, and the effects it's having.

Iraq invasion: For better or worse? John Simpson writes about the problems in Iraq. Although the article is a bit of a mess and based on a visit from 2003 it seems.

UK 'shopping basket' goes hi-tech. The Office for National Statistics has updated it's list of the 650 strongest consumer items. CD players, slippers and chocolate biscuits have slipped from the list, whereas MP3 players and flat screen TVs have joined.

Front wheel on Mars rover stops. A wheel on the Sprint rover has now failed after previous lubrication problems. The rover is many times beyond it's design life.

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Being from BC, Canada that one article really interested me. Reminded me of the 50's North American anti-grass movement. Basically, our new government is trying to appease the US of A who are threatening our trade not just on this issue but on other policies where we differ. They like to strongarm our economy.

Basically, the 51% who think it should be legislated is modest. In Vancouver, BC the huge and largely ignored concern is the crystal meth/heroin problemm in the downtown eastside. Most cops, lawyers would argue that the booking of possession charges is a waste of their time in light of the larger issues. And these are just the ones that I've talked to.

Most people here agree and say legalize it! The government as of last year even started their own grow-up for medicinal purposes. That soon tanked because most people here are connaseurs and thought it sucked.

We don't call ourselves Vansterdam for nothing ;) And personally, although I don't smoke anymore - don't know anyone who hasn't or doesn't - I'm all for legalizing, especially in light of the medicinal effects. I'm especially proud of that. We have several (low-key) cafes here, specifically for cancer patients.

I'm babbling.

I love the story of the guy who sold so much that when the US dealers got busted he was scared and quit! :-)

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