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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Bizarre. I got a call from the casting agency, and I passed the test for the soft drink commercial. Even more bizarrely apparently I was one of the highest rated, and got the part of "football player". Strange, as the casting people at the studio didn't seem the slightest bit interested. I have to go there tomorrow from 10am - 4pm, and wear a red T-shirt to identify I'm a "gringo". Hopefully this means I get top dollar!

Now I'm thinking perhaps I should have waited for the other test... c'est la vie, but 3 hours was toooo much.

In other news I feel as sick as a dog. I was feeling great most of the day, then a wave of tiredness came on and I slept for a bit. Now I feel nauseous and achey again, so an Aspirin has been taken.

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You need some proper sleep.

If this takes off can I be your agent please!

My sleep's a lot better this week, this is definitely some oddball virus.

And sure Agent Man! :-)

you don't need a desk job, you've moved to Brazil to be a FAMOUS GRINGO!

Haha, I wish! Now if I only get on the Brazilian soap operas... ;-)

Hey, that's pretty cool, actually. It sounds like it might be kind of fun. Good luck with it!

Yeah, sounds like it'll be fun more than anything (and for the money!). Unfortunately it was Round 2 today of tests, not the actual filming. I guess we'll see how it goes...

Sorry you're not feeling well Mark- but best of luck with the new career direction :)

Feeling a bit better today thankfully (after dosing up with Aspirin anyway) and thanks! :-)

If you do end up on TV, get it on media and upload it for us to watch. :D

For sure, I'll try and get a copy of it should I get as far as being in it :-)

I've got two words: YouTube.

I can't wait to tell all my lj friends that I know the actor in the controversial Brazilian soft drink commercial.

Why controversial? Because we all know real fame is built on it, that's why! *runs to spread filthy lies about stainsteelrat*

I'll put you in my advertising department ;-)

I found out it was Round 2 of the tests, so I've not got there quite yet. And if I do get through hopefully the filming doesn't coincide with my hols...

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