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So we got around to doing most of what I wanted this weekend.

Our plans for yesterday fell though, so most of it was deferred to today. In fact I can't really remember what we did yesterday other than visiting Lu's parents during a TORRENTIAL rainstorm that started as we were leaving the apartment. It was so bad that we almost turned back at a couple of points due to flooding. I was watching a tyre fitters, and a wave of water hit the front of the shop and swept away some piles of tyres.

The only other memorable moment (that I can remember anyway) was we came back to a centimetre or two of water in our utility room. I knew the window leaked, but sometimes it seems to leak and other times not at all, so I had assumed it was OK. Clearly it isn't OK, at least not in this level of rain. The water seems to literally pour through a gap between the upper and lower frame, and why the window frame has a gap I've got no idea. I noticed before that in torrential rain the wall turns into a waterfall, so we've presumably got another 10 floors of water cascading down to us (when the rain is landing at an angle anyway). Environmental proofing of windows doesn't seem to be considered here, like central heating. Anyway after an hour or two of mopping up (Lu and I were already tired as it was) the utility room was almost back to a semblance of order and dryness. I'm guessing I'll have to try and squeeze some silicon sealant between the two frames to see if I can seal them.

This morning we managed to get up bright and early to visit Dinos Na Oca, a dinosaur exhibit in the Oscar Niemeyer designed Oca building, in Ibirapuera Park. We were stalled briefly as Lu's friend Vivi didn't turn up, and she had arranged to go with us. It transpired she had called Lu's phone twice to say she had come, but the phone had been set to silent ring. Doh!

The exhibition was pretty good. Not quite London's Natural History Museum, but not far off as far as dinosaurs go at least. The exhibition is a joint effort I believe between Brazilian and US palaeontologists, with some Brazilian fossils on show.

When we came out of the exhibit there was a free Beethoven concert by the São Paulo University orchestra, at another bizarre Niemeyer designed building close by (Niemeyer's designed several buildings located in Ibirapuera Park).

The entrance to the exhibit featured a walk along timeline of life on Planet Earth.

One whopping great dinosaur. I failed to detail the names, so non-monetary prizes to anyone who can spot what they are, from watching too much Jurassic Park ;-)

Dinosaur foot. The gap between the bones and the ground would be filled by the "meat" of the dinosaur to absorb the weight.

Actually quite a small dinosaur, although it's hard to tell from the picture. It struck me how much Giger must have been influenced by dinosaurs and lizards when designing for Alien.

A part-view of inside the Oca, with the winding staircase to the first floor.

I found myself drawn to dinosaur teeth. This is a pretty good example of the "ouch" factor for those on the receiving end of the jaws.

Looks like he's running through a chorus of "Dem Bones". For some reason this guy (or gal) was positioned behind a dinosaur, whereas I guess he should have been positioned in front... running! Aside from the whole "dinosaurs didn't exist when humans did" issue.

Another toothy example.

I'm guessing Pterodactyl?

One of the Brazilian fossils on show. The footprints of something from a long time ago (I'll try and be even vaguer later).

Switched to night-time mode and achieved faux artistic whooshy shot :-)

Another wing-ed nasty, who needs a trip to the dentist.

A view of the USP orchestra getting ready to play some Beethoven.

A full shot-ish of the side of the bizarre Niemeyer designed building, which looks like a wedge of cheese. The other side has a door with a huge tongue-like structure.

The weird lighting in the Oca for the exhibit gave me a chance, and a contained environment, to play with some of the camera settings and flash vs. non-flash pictures. I'm no camera expert (although this seems to be a popular and growing hobby among IT professionals, and I have some friends that have spent some *serious* money on equipment) and prefer to point and click, but I've got to learn some more about this camera to get the best from it, particularly in low light.

After the concert we headed to the Ibirapuera Shopping Centre, the initial idea being just to have lunch (do I hear Burger King Double Whopper, followed by an M&M McFlurry?! Hell yes!). But the rest of the centre opened up about 2pm and I managed to find some T-shirts I liked, as well as a pair of excellent looking Adidas trainers, as replacements for my rapidly fading Merrells. No doubt the Adidas trainers will end up glued to my feet for the next few months, like the Merrells were. They served well, and will receive a full military burial with honours.

We both came home late afternoon, shattered, and slept. Lu's Mum and Dad popped around just now, but have gone again already. Now Lu is sorting her tax out and I'm catching up with the Internet.
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