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Flu/Cold, Work, and This Week's Forecast

I still haven't shaken this flu/cold of some 9+ days now. This morning I woke up with a sore throat, and I still have a light chest infection, with this sensation of nausea that comes and goes. Unusual for something to last this long, and I just hope it doesn't last beyond Friday when I'm off on hols.

Had a call this morning from someone with PC problems. This time it's a hardware problem as the PC simply won't power up. The PSU passthrough is clearly working as the monitor turns on, just nada from the PC. So far I've been dealing with more software problems or upgrades, but I have two spare ATX PSUs and a mobo and CPU, so this should help a lot in diagnosis. I'll try and grab the PSUs tonight, and then take the lot to this guy tomorrow if I'm able to get them.

The forecast for this week is relatively quiet, with the usual office visit on Wednesday. I need to get the remainder of any washing done probably late Wednesday to make sure it's all ready for packing on Friday. I would have liked to have the money from the mining company sorted this week, but as we've still not sorted out how they're going to pay me I'm extremely doubtful this is going to happen. A shame as I would have liked some certainty over how much I can spend in Florida.

I can't wait to see my family on Saturday. It's only been three months, but it feels like an age!
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