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'Dirty bomb' material got into US. Undercover investigators say they managed to get enough radioactive material across the Canadian and Mexican border for two dirty bombs. Although the Nuclear Regulatory Commission dispute this, and say there was a similar amount of material to that used in a smoke detector.

Hormone could cut spider phobia. Use of the hormone cortisol has been found to impair memory, and therefore have a beneficial affect when taken before exposing people to a certain phobia. When it comes to spiders I say just drop the person in a big vat of 'em. Kill or cure ;-)

Norway's welfare model 'helps birth rate'. Norway has one of the highest birth-rates in the EU, helped by reforms in the 50s helped at aiming both the mother and father. Including 12 months paid leave for the mother, and 4 weeks paternity leave.

Lula attacks rich on environment. The Brazilian president tries to lay the blame for environmental damage at the feet of the rich nations, not in his own backyard where he turns a blind eye to the continual destruction of the Amazon.

Solaris author Stanislaw Lem dies. The Polish author, Lem, dies of heart disease, aged 84.

US group wants China 'spy' probe. In another bizarre "foreign country supplying the US" event, this time it's 15,000 computers from a Chinese firm supplying the US government. The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) are worried that the computers could be fitted with bugs, although the Chinese company say they welcome any investigation.

Village People 'cop' in custody. In a twist of irony the "cop" from the Village People, who has since left the group, has been arrested in California, after missing a court date for gun and drug charges.
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