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Oh delicious chocolate demon! Lu managed to find some Cadbury's chocolate at a CVS pharmacy in the US. The two bars melted into a kinda slurry in the case, although thankfully still within the wrapper. But despite that it still tastes GORGEOUS! Oh how I miss Cadbury's chocolate...

In other news I just got duped at the local fruit 'n' veg market. There I was thinking I could save money by buying at this local street market. Before I knew what was happening I had 5 sellers clustered around me offering slices of 101 different exotic fruits. I ended up with £20 of fruit, a lot by Brazilian standards and expensive also. One of the seller's carried the fruit back for me, motivated by the fact I had to get more cash from Lu to pay what I didn't have. Bleugh, although it made Lu laugh, and I suspect Lu's Mum will probably be in hysterics. Suffice to say I've never endured such high pressure selling, and I refused about 75% of what they were trying to sell.
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