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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Here are my favourite photos from Florida. The rest are posted here at my site.

In chronological order...

Kennedy Space Centre

^The memorial to astronauts

Disney's Magic Kingdom

^Going through our second (third? fourth?) childhood :-)

Disney's Animal Kingdom

^An interesting looking duck, replete with blue bill

^One of the gorillas from their enclosure

^Lunch in the Rainforest Cafe

^My two nephews and Lu, at the entrance to the Dinosaur ride

^A bald eagle posing for the camera

^Two lazy tigers

^A stag, also posing for the camera

^A gorgeous bird house in one of the aviaries

^A view of the new Everest rollercoaster ride, which we didn't realise was open and missed

Sea World

^One of the gorgeous dolphins which you can hand feed

^Dolphin surfing

^P p p p p pick up a penguin!

^Or pick up a puffin

^A sea lion (or seal?)

^A shot of a killer whale from the show

^Killer whale mid-back flip

Universal Orlando

^Lu got picked out of the audience by the Jake-a-like to dance :-)

^Da Bluuuuuues Brothers

^And their car (and me)

^The costumes from the T2 3D film element

^Lu at the park entrance

St. Petersburg

^A view North along the beach

^Dad post snorkelling

^Me, my sister, and Mum on the beach

^My sister playing silly beggars trying to soak me, and regretting it! :-)

Busch Gardens

^One of the birds from a walk through aviary

^Us seagulls don't respect signs!

^A giruf!

^Lu destroys the diet of a squirrel with popcorn :-)

The End!

As mentioned these and a lot more are at my site here.

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I've eaten at the restaurant in St. Pete beach that you have pictured in your view north on the beach (the round one at the top of the hotel). It makes a 360 degree revolution every 45 minutes or so. The food is really bad at that restaurant. The average age of the patrons is around 80.

You should have come to this neck of the woods....only an hour away, and much better than St. Pete.



I did wonder about that hotel, looked like a UFO had landed on it :-) We didn't eat there though, just a myriad of the various restaurants, cafes and diners up and down Gulf Boulevard and beyond. Thankfully I had my GPS system, so we could easily get around and not stick to the very local.

Normally I'm not one for this style of beach, with hotels backing on, but I had no choice as my Mum et al had booked a package tour that took us here (although Lu and I were booking separately). Typical cheap and cheerful (ish) hotel for tourists, although there were a surprising number of US folks there.

I wasn't sure exactly where you were, and had virtually no access to the Internet at the time. I also wasn't sure if you wanted LiveJournal gate crashers, although I was mostly busy trying to make the most of the brief time with my Mum and Dad.

I've met a few of my LJ friends when they've been in the area. I have no problem with people showing up at all. I'm just sorry that you ended up on the dreariest part of the gulf coast. It gets a lot better as you go south.



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