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Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness. We all know that a pretty woman can turn most men into a gibbering wreck who will do or say anything, but Belgian researchers have shown that the Testosterone surge produced by said pretty woman is what's directly responsible.

Woman to build house out of 747. In an attempt to build a feminine styled and eco-friendly house an architect has suggested cannibalising a Boeing 747. The house won't come cheap though, at an expected price tag of several million dollars (aside from it being sited in 55 acres of the Malibu Hills).

Black hole mergers modelled in 3D. Colliding black holes have been modelled on a supercomputer to understand the gravitational waves such a collision produces. All part of research to try and detect the faint waves here on Earth to confirm Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

Concerns over GPS child tracking. As pocket sized GPS trackers become a reality, the debate arises for parents whether it's healthy or obsessive to track their children with them. A trend that has already taken off in Japan.
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