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The Stainless Steel Rat

Had an interesting weekend so far, although we're about to have lunch and head back to Sao Paulo.

When we arrived on Friday we walked down to a local square/park with a view to flying a kite, but there wasn't much wind, and that there was was too varied. One of Lu's cousins was there, with her two kids so we chatted with them for a while. Then another of Lu's cousins families showed up, as well as Lu's aunt and mum, so it was like a family meeting :-) I enjoy the company of Brazilians, particularly Lu's family in some situations, as they're so warm and friendly. I've never had much of an extended family, so it's nice to have an "adopted" one.

We went with one of the families back to their house. The father in the family owns and runs a small supermarket type shop, and he was showing me how they make the bread. I've yet to find any decent loaves of bread in SP, so was curious as to how theres was, although never actually got to taste. Instead he mixed up an extra strong Caipirinha (a famous Brazilian drink which is a mixture of cachaca, a strong spirit, fresh lemon juice, and sugar). Fortunately he opted for Smirnoff, so technically it was a Caipiruska. I prefer vodka. Suffice to say we were both somewhat merry by the time we returned to the house, where Lu was chatting with his wife (a psychiatrist). Then we all went back to Lu's aunt's house for an impromptu pizza dinner.

Saturday I was asked if I wanted to go fishing by Lu's dad, so we headed off relatively early. I was expecting some father-in-law to son-in-law type bonding experience, which is always difficult when your father-in-law doesn't speak your language. I was also expecting to just fish for the morning, and go somewhere local. Instead though we picked up his brother and friend, and then went worm hunting at a local allotment (the father's friend was telling me how snakes and scorpions were prevalent in this area, so I was a tad wary). Following this we went to a pet shop to pick up some further bait. After an hour's drive, part of which was over a field and equally rough terrain, we found the recommended place. A further walk was required, involving a careful pass through a barbed wire fence, and some "amazon" style jungle. The actual fishing place was pretty good, a slow moving area of small to medium sized
river, with a large bank of gorgeous sand. Between the ages of 12 -14 I coarse fished every weekend, so I wasn't too bothered about the actual fishing side.

Once there, and after a few minutes of setup, I looked down at my legs (I was wearing shorts) and they were covered in flies. "Hmmm", I thought, "friendly flies?". No such luck. I waved them away, and spots of blood appeared all over my legs. "Ouch", I thought. Fortunately Lu's dad realised what was up and offered some insect repellent, which I liberally "splashed all over". Afterwards I could see the flies approaching my legs, and then bouncing off the no doubt smell based field. So thankfully it worked, for a while at least.

I started off using a dough type bait, rolled into small balls, that Lu's Dad had made up. I caught nothing for the two hours I used this, although had a few bites. Unfortunately I was limited to using a pole, and would much rather have used a traditional rod and reel with stick float, which I could have cast out further into the river and would have been a lot more sensitive (amazing how my fishing knowledge of 20 years ago was well remembered). Also I would have given up ten times the bait I had for a few maggots (known as bicho da laranja, beast of the orange, in Portuguese).

After two hours of zero fish, the others had caught two or three, Lu's Dad being the most successful. They were all using worms though, and recommended I switch (no shit!). I had a little more success with this, and caught three fish over the next couple of hours. I then switched back to the dough type bait as I got the feeling that the worms were being hoarded, and I wasn't too bothered. I still managed to catch one fish with the dough bait, despite lots of bites.

Come about 6pm the mosquitoes were returning in squadrons, and the fish seemed to have gone to bed, so they opted to go home. I can't say I was too bothered as I hadn't had a chair for most of the day, and wasn't expecting to fish the whole day, so my legs were shot (aside from the bites).

The sun was setting as we drove home, and it was an incredible sunset. There's virtuall zero light and air pollution here, and there were these incredible rays of blue light that streamed around the edges of the sunset. I've never seen anything like this before. Aside from the orange/red sunset just looking gorgeous.

Once we had got home and had some dinner we popped around to another of Lu's cousins to see a new baby, and just say "hi".

Today was a lot quieter so far. I had to complete the entertainment guide for tomorrow, as I'm working on an IT job early. I'll have to finish it off once we get home. We're hoping to head off for SP soon.
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