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Noisy Neighbours, Domino and Ultraviolet, Act of War, and Wee

I know a lot of folks complain about their flat/apartment walls, and their neighbours... but thankfully for the most part I can't. If we stand out in the hall (we have an apartment to one side, and two on the opposite side) then you can hear kids screaming, TV, music etc. But once we go into our apartment... silence. I'm not sure what they did when constructing the flat, but it worked (presumably thick walls if nothing else).

Only problem is they seem to be remodelling upstairs, so there are all sorts of weird sounds, one of which sounds like someone dropping marbles on the floor. Also they're constructing a new block next door, so the merry sounds of construction start at 7am. They're nearly finished though, and I don't even notice it.

Watched Domino and most of Ultraviolet yesterday.

Domino was kinda interesting, although I was mostly interested because Richard Kelly had written the screenplay, and part written the story. I was wary though because Tony Scott was directing it. The basic story, loosely based on a true story and mostly told in flashback, is that of a female bounty hunter, Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley). Domino shoehorns her way into a group of two existing bounty hunters (Mickey Rourke & Edgar Ramirez). Although bounty hunting duties are shown, the story is mostly about a deal that involves the bounty hunter's boss (Delroy Lindo), the mob, and a casino. The film was an odd mixture, even including part of a Jerry Springer show (made for the film). The directing style, which seems to be that of a pop video, gets a little tedious after one too many jarred frames or colour washes. Also Domino's voiceover is recorded in shortwave radio quality, again presumably to sound cool, but just gets a little irritating. Clearly Tony Scott went all out on this. The main story is kinda interesting, but it's all been done before and is nothing particularly original. It just has a contemporary twist to it. The other parts of the story, like the Jerry Springer episode, don't seem to add and you have to wonder why they were included. So all-in-all I found it a bit of a mess, although it might appeal to younger folks and film students. 3/5

I've not finished Ultraviolet yet, and am watching a rather poor quality copy, so it's hard to tell just how good the effects are. So far the plot is extremely basic, and mostly derivative science fiction. There are a couple of interesting ideas with dimensional technology (I forget the exact name) for storing items, such as weapons, and also an anti-gravity system. The effects are nice, as is Milla Jovovich (as Violet Song Jat Shariff... wtf?!) who seems to be spend most of the film strutting around as if she's still on the catwalk. Basically so far the minimal story has just driven what appear to be some pretty nice special effects, and that's about it. It has a similar feel to the Equilibirum, and not surprisingly is written and directed by Kurt Wimmer. I'll try and finish it off today.

Also had a quick go of Act of War - High Treason, which was not surprisingly looking similar to the previous game. The first mission was similar to the start of the previous game also, starting off with a handful of soldiers. Seems to be a full game though, despite being described as an expansion pack. Curiously it looks like it won't be released until the end of May.

And as written everywhere else on the Internet, Nintendo are calling their console the "wee"... ?!?!?! (Yep I know, Wii, probably pronounced correctly as something else) What is it with those in Asia not giving a monkey's about how these names transfer to English. What a stroke of marketing genius.
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