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Had a good day today.

Went to the client of last week again to tie off some loose ends. Lu went and had her nails done, but came back before I was finished and ended up chatting with his dancer/choreographer/ballerina girlfriend. I was chatting to him about films and Philip K Dick, among other topics. I promised to burn him a couple of PKD documentaries onto DVD for next time I'm there. He's a really interesting guy to talk to.

Then it was Burger King time, having not visited for a month or two. Hunger was sated. We bought a couple of bits 'n' bobs for the apartment, and popped by Blockbuster to get some films: Poltergeist, The Fury, The Blues Brothers (Lu has seen none of them), Chicken Little, and Slap Her She's French (both chosen by Lu). I went for some older films anyway as there was nothing new of note.

It's my Dad's birthday today, so I gave him a call to wish him a happy birthday. I spoke to my Mum as well. I'm already aware that my Nan has fallen twice in the last week, but other than that she seems OK, plus Mum and Dad are OK. I had already bought Dad a wine computer I spotted in Circuit City in the USA (Dads are so hard to buy for, so I was glad to see this). Should keep him busy :-)

Edit: I think I've finally spotted the source of my problems with the BSOD STOP errors. It looks like there's a conflict with some Maxtor SATA drives and nVidia's nForce4 chipset. Maxtor have got a firmware update for their drives, which you have to get via a support request (which I've logged). Let's hope this solves it once and for all.
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