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Kinky Dishwashers 'n stuff

Our dishwasher's being less than great, that is it isn't washing dishes properly. Call me fussy, but that kinda turns it into a white box that fills space in the kitchen, uses water and electricity, takes time to fill and empty, yet doesn't do anything.

To add to that, yesterday there was a smell of burning coming from somewhere behind it. So today I pulled it out of the cubby hole it occupies, and had a look. From what I can tell there's nothing actually wrong with the dishwasher itself. All the hoses looked fine, as did the power cable, that is there's nothing melted. What did look odd is that the somewhat jury rigged socket on the wall didn't seem too solidly fixed, but I'm not sure either way what it was like before. Perhaps the cables leading to the socket are getting overheated and causing the smell, which is kinda worrying. But strange that this would start after having used it for a couple of months. The dishwasher itself gets very hot during use, which is no great surprise due to the hot water sloshing around. Unfortunately it's in a bit of a tight space, so probably isn't getting as much air as it should.

I wonder if I inadvertently fixed the washing problem though, as when the dishwasher was installed the inlet hose kinked and was a real devil to persuade to unkink with the dishwasher in place. I think the hose may have partially kinked again, and removing and reseating the dishwasher unkinked it, as I'm trying a test wash and the machine sounds a lot more lively than before, that is I can hear a lot more water sloshing around. I opened it mid-cycle just to check all was well, and see what was happening, which turned into this comedy moment of me trying to force the door shut while gallons of water spewed out from all angles. So based on that it seems to be working well in pressure terms. I'll see how it goes on the next wash, and whether the burning smell continues.

I guess I should be resting, but contrary to common sense I want to do things like fix the dishwasher, sort the washing out and tidy the flat up. The weather has chilled off a little, but the sun is bright and warming things up. There's definitely that autumnal feel in the air again.

Lu bought a few house plants a while back (I love a home with a few plants about) and one of those is looking a bit sorry for itself and shedding leaves, so I've moved that out on to the balcony. One problem is that we often don't open the blinds fully in the living room, so perhaps the plants aren't getting enough sun.

One of the few people I know here, David, called. He's off to the UK on Monday, and worried about his Tourist Visa. On the one hand I'm not surprised as he would seem to be bucking regulations. On the other hand no-one seems to care here, and I've yet to hear of anyone being refused entry to the country.

We were also chatting about life here, and he sounds like another one who wants to return to the UK. He's trying to persuade his girlfriend to move back as well, with a view to moving back to the UK at the end of the year. I cried off meeting with him today because of the cold, but hopefully I'll be better by Friday which we've tentatively earmarked to meet up.
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