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New straw to kill disease as you drink. The LifeStraw allows you to suck purified water out of most water sources, due to a series of Iodine impregnated filters.

EU agrees battery recycling law. The EU has agreed to a law that will make battery recycling mandatory from 2008.

Cash card taps virtual game funds. The MMORPG Project Entropia is issuing a cash card that allows users to withdraw real money from cash machines, based on the money earned within the game. 10 Project Entropia Dollars are equal to 1 US Dollar.

'Cloaking device' idea proposed. UK scientists have outlined the concept for a cloaking device similar to that used in Star Trek. But before you get your hopes up of evading speed cameras or a grumpy significant other, the theory is only suitable for a speck of dust.

German bishops act over Pope show. Catholic leaders in Germany are trying to ban the BBC commissioned, and dropped, series Popetown from MTV. The series features a pogoing pope, among other items they cite will offend catholics.

Chinese man buys MiG through eBay. A Chinese businessman pays £14,000 (US$25,000) to buy a MiG-21f fighter from eBay, so that he can use it as decoration for his office.

Americans 'more ill than English'. White middle-aged US folk are less healthy than their English counterparts, research suggests. Those from the US aged 55 to 64 are twice as likely to suffer diabetes, lung cancer and high blood pressure.
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