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Video Blog Part Uno

Yes folks, I thought I'd try my hand at video blogging.

Click to download, or right-click and choose to save. (4Mb WMV file, 4:49)

Topics: Video blogs, webcams, and Rogue Trooper

The link should be valid for at least 7 days, unless due to huge post video blogging embarrassment I remove it :-)


1. The file seems to play in Windows Media Player 10, but VLC seems to cope better with jumping around in the file (for Windows users at least).

2. Apologies about the sound, not sure if it can be improved. I had two webcams plugged in, and the sound was being recorded from the old one stuck behind the monitor, hence the weirdness.

3. This file is compressed down indirectly from the original 20Mb AVI (with Indeo codec). I say indirectly as I had to fool Logitech's software into thinking I was sending an email to compress it. I couldn't find a direct method of compression.

4. Apologies for weird lighting (it's very sunny!) and my double chin.

5. Is it me, or do I somewhat worryingly sound like Hugh Grant? I blame the cold.
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