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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Video Blog Part Uno
Yes folks, I thought I'd try my hand at video blogging.

Click to download, or right-click and choose to save. (4Mb WMV file, 4:49)

Topics: Video blogs, webcams, and Rogue Trooper

The link should be valid for at least 7 days, unless due to huge post video blogging embarrassment I remove it :-)


1. The file seems to play in Windows Media Player 10, but VLC seems to cope better with jumping around in the file (for Windows users at least).

2. Apologies about the sound, not sure if it can be improved. I had two webcams plugged in, and the sound was being recorded from the old one stuck behind the monitor, hence the weirdness.

3. This file is compressed down indirectly from the original 20Mb AVI (with Indeo codec). I say indirectly as I had to fool Logitech's software into thinking I was sending an email to compress it. I couldn't find a direct method of compression.

4. Apologies for weird lighting (it's very sunny!) and my double chin.

5. Is it me, or do I somewhat worryingly sound like Hugh Grant? I blame the cold.

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That was a good video, very clear. And since I have such minimal exposure to British accents, everyone sounds like Hugh Grant to me, so...

Well I believe he was actually taught English by the queen ;-)

The queen as in Herself or the queen as in his gay acting coach?

Unfortunately the latter, I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

Glad you like the vidblog :-)

Brilliant! I love it.

I don't think you sound like Hugh Grant. ;-)

Glad you like it :-)

So if not Hugh Grant... <grasps mentally for some awful sounding UK actor>



And thank you for your kind words on mine ;) - and you pronounced my name perfectly ;)

I really enjoyed it Mark - you smile and laugh easily which makes you very watchable - I found myself smiling along.

I do hope you'll stick with it :)

Well you were a definite inspiration, even if you make it look so easy :-) I double checked afterwards that I had pronounced eithnepdb according to "the guide". It would have been pretty shameful to have got it wrong during a tribute! ;-)

It's actually quite fun to do, and it gets the adrenalin pumping. I think it needs the right mood though. In some ways it's easier than a written blog, as you can just plough ahead. Perhaps a good self confidence improver also, as I've never really seen myself on video like this before.

Thanks for inspiring me :-)

Well I've been at video blogs for about fours years now - it does get easier btw as you continue - you'll find yourself chatting as if the camera is a friend ;)

Four years?! Wow! Must be intriguing to go back and look at old vidblogs.

I need to work on a more interesting backdrop. Currently I just have the white cupboards behind me. Perhaps I'll move out on to the balcony if I can find a seriously long USB extension :-)

It's a shame the Logitech software only seems to be able to compress files by fooling it into thinking you're sending an email.

I know it's a lot to ask but... any text of what you're saying? :)

No worries if you don't want to.

No problem :-)

Okay... welcome to my LiveJournal video blog, take 362 (hahaha!).

I don't know if this is a video blog, or whether it should have some kind of snazzy computer future name like a vlog? I dunno.

Firstly apologies because I've err... I'm still suffering with this cold. So I don't normally sound like this, although probably none of you have any idea of what I normally sound like anyway... so not that it really matters.

Yeah, this is a really strange thing to do but I thought I'd give it a try. I've gone through the perennial worries of where I put my webcam and is it showing me in my best light... if there is a best light. I remember I... I spoke about my friend Barry before, or ex-friend I dunno. Fantastic chap, and err... we were working for a company in the UK but it was a US company and he had to talk with the manager in errr... the US over a webcam, and he spent many hours fretting about whether his webcam was in the right position and whether it was showing his bald spot. I think that was his biggest... his biggest worry. So he jury rigged some very complicated pole with elastic bands and webcams and things like that, so it would get him in the perfect position, and with various experiments with me as well to try and make sure it was OK. So my webcam is on top of my monitor and that's about as experimental as it gets.

Erm... so, I did make some kind of notes on what to talk about, because I bow to the guru of video blogs, enyapdb (eithnepdb) if... I think it was enyapdb, I'm not sure if the pronounication is correct. But those of us who know her also know her as Nancy, I think is the easier... the easier way to say it. Who has the incredible ability to talk completely naturally, she should obviously have her own talkshow and that much is clear.

So about the only thing I was going to talk about, erm... surprisingly I'm low on words today, is the erm... I played the err... Rogue Trooper game last night for the first time, and it's a really fantastic game. Really enjoyed it. Err... it's a game on the PC, first person shooter, FPS, erm... based on the Rogue Trooper series from 2000AD, which is an old comic which you may or may not have heard of. Erm... and you play this guy, who erm... following the story from Rogue Trooper where you're a genetically engineered trooper in the future, and all these kinds of things. Erm... and yeah it has all the things right back to Doom and Wolfenstein, first person shooter, but it has some extra twists which are quite fun. You have... you carry around the personalities of three troopers with you, which you find through the game, the beginning of the game. So one of them is the personality in the weapon that you carry, one of them is the personality of the backpack you have, and one of them is in your helmet. Which makes for an extra twist in the game because you have these personalities jabbering away to each other, and they can do extra things ya know... you can actually take your gun, plonk your gun down in the middle of a combat situation, and it will act as a sentry. Things like that... and a holo... err personal hologram transmitter thing, very kind of Total Recall as well, although I'm guessing Rogue Trooper pre-dates it. Erm... so, yeah... not the most original game in the world, but it's a new twist on first person shooters. And it's good fun to play, I mean what more can you ask for.

Erm... that was the only thing that I was going to talk about to try and keep it short, if this hasn't reached about 50 Meg already to try and download. So that's it... that's my first blog... vlog, err... and if anyone's interested in it maybe I'll do some more. OK? OK, bye bye.

Thank you, that was a good read. :D

(Deleted comment)
Feel free to answer back, but I don't promise a reply ;-)

The next time the mood strikes me I'll try again. It was fun for me at least... ;-)

That was a treat! I think you sound a bit like Simon Cowell....or am I watching too much American Idol?

I agree with Nancy. You smile and laugh so easily and the whole thing was personable and delightful. I like the way your eyes crinkle.

Yes, more please. :)

Simon Cowell... nooooooooooooooooooo! ;-)

Doing the thing is a bit of a laugh, and in the right mood it's impossible not to laugh thankfully.

When the mood strikes me again I'll try...

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