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Ordinarily I wouldn't post much of a weekend as Lu's around, but she deferred her trip yesterday to work until today... so practical upshot she isn't here.

Definitely a bit more chilly today, showing 22°C in the flat and 17°C outside on the wonderful weather clock thingammy. Even so I'm wearing shorts as I can't stand wearing trousers all the time. I've had to combine with socks though due to cold feet :-) I think the flu/cold is shifting, but I've started dosing up on some honey/lemon Paracetamol thing.

I've managed to catch up, as the torrents will allow, with Green Wing Season 2, to episode 5, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Better than Season 1 if memory serves, and even more barmy.

I've also caught up with Dr. Who, to episode 3 of the latest season. Enjoying that also. Unfortunately I've hit my measly monthly download limit already, but I'm tempted to see if towards the end of the month whether the download cap is actually enforced (by dropping the connection speed). I'm getting the feeling it isn't.

Lu and I are also catching up with Lost, and are a couple of episodes away from the latest. Also thoroughly enjoying that still.

Tried the demo of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and wasn't very taken with it. Although to be honest I prefer the more direct FPS type games, and even got a little bored of the excellent but squad style Brothers in Arms games. I've also gone back to Doom 3 after getting stuck before and not having the patience to continue (and getting easily distracted by other games). It plays like a dream now with the new PC, so it's a much more pleasant experience.

Also applied for a couple of jobs after reading through the Estado newspaper's employment section. Am still planning on advertising in one of the chamber of commerce magazines, just waiting for the details to be finalised on that. Am also chasing up some other chambers of commerce in terms of costs for advertising with them. I also need to chase up a reply from the second training company, that are local enough to travel to, plus I have more questions for them e.g. where exactly do their lessons take place (to confirm), do they also provide their course notes in English as well as Portuguese, are the exams possible in English, when do the courses start (an obvious one I missed), and what time are they in the day. I'm sure I'll think of more questions, but trying to cover all the angles here...

Now I'm trying to soldier on with the zombie weirdness of Severed, but as much as I love zombie films this is testing me a bit.

Clearly there's another big football game on as there's the usual shouting, screaming, air horns, and fireworks at regular intervals...
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