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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
A poll inspired by one of melancthe's posts... although I appreciate it depends quite a bit on exactly *what* sex topic is under discussion.

How do you feel when your LJ friends discuss sex in their journals?

I hide under a cushion
I'm kinda OK with it
I love it!
Don't know
Or something else (please add as a comment)

Edit: I guess I should have added the option "I delete the LJ friend *immediately*!" :-)

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I think I don't really care. Personally I don't tend to.

I never do, mostly because I'm worried I'll offend someone. Although I'm not averse to reading about it, within reason.

I think I just don't want to embarrass myself.

I said "Something Else". =) It really depends on who it is, what they're saying, whether they've LJ cut it, etc.

I am not an easily squicked person. I can watch raw footage of surgery and be fine with it (as I did when I was Moral Support™ for a friend as she did research for her upcoming surgery).

I'm okay with people talking about sex if it's coming from a place of being respectful to themselves, to their partner(s), using respectful, mindful and proper language, like scientific or medical terms.

I'm okay with people talking about sex if they're respectful to others, like the LJ Friends List, by putting a fair warning and LJ cutting, I'm fine with it. Even if there is no LJ cut, but the first paragraph gives me enough info to decide if I want to skip it.

Anything that feels to me like it's outside of that, I will remove that person from my list immediately.

I had a TON of friends who hated it when I talked about sex in my livejournal. So I created a special friends-only journal just for that sexual_overload. And then there's my journal just for erotica . . . . .

who me? addicted to LJ? Why on earth would you say that?! ;)

Well now you've made me extremely curious, so I've added your sexual_overload journal. Is that okay with you?


Depends on who it is and what they're talking about.

It depends on who it is but usually I think it's just a desperate attempt to get attention.

I don't go out of my way to talk about it, and when I have before it was asking for advice, locked to friends-only and cut. I don't have much cause to discuss it normally though :)

I don't mind my friends talking about it, if I don't like what I read, I skip and move on.

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