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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
Yep, it's vidblog No. 2!

Click to download, or right-click and choose to save. (4Mb WMV file, 9:59)

Topics: Problems in São Paulo, haircut, nephew's broken elbow, Rogue Trooper, work, website updates, current films, poll answers

The link should be valid for at least 7 days.


1. The file seems to play in Windows Media Player 10, but VLC seems to cope better with jumping around in the file (for Windows users at least).

2. Sound still isn't great (sounds a bit echoey) but hopefully better than last time.

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hiya! watched your vid.

wow! it's all spacey and you look like an astronaut.

i hope things get better for you what with all the violence. what are your favorite things about living there?

Ahhh, so I still look like an astronaut :-)

Looks like we might be set for some bigger trouble tonight. Could just be silly rumours though.

My favourite things about living here... the weather (when it's good), I enjoy my rather odd part-time jobs, also SP is a huge city so there's lots going on here.

I suspected as much

The prison system in Sna Paulo does sound interesting - and dangerous! Stay off the bus!

Hope your nephew feels better soon ;)

Thankfully it seems like it was all over, and last night was a false alarm spread by rumour.

Apparently my nephew is grizzling as he can't write or do anything, but he may go back to school today which takes some of the heat off my sister ;-)

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