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So here I am at Lu's office, following the second interview.

The psychological tests were... strange. I've thankfully never been interviewed anywhere before that has insisted on these. The first involved looking at pictures of 8 faces. Choosing the two most sympathethic, and the two most unsympathetic. Then there were some IQ/logic tests. I also had to write an email in Portuguese (oh dear) pretending to be the Solutions Manager, and then complete 160 moral type questions. Thrown into the latter were all sorts of strange things like "I like to read books on sex", "I smash things up when I get annoyed" and other oddities. Two or three I had to guess, so I just put "indifferent". Hopefully these weren't something like "I like to murder people with butter knives".

I'll be told next week if I proceed to the next (final?) spoken/normal interview, although with my Portuguese I don't have a warm feeling about this.
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