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Wishdoshers, Infinite Downloads, The Happiness Formula, and Family Stuff


Dishwasher man came to fix the kinked hose. We were trying to pass it off as a warranty issue, but he wouldn't have it. He said the dishwasher had been badly installed, and the pipe was good quality. He then installed the replacement hose and... it kinked. Badly installed and good quality huh?

If it had been in the UK I would have argued the toss, but Lu stumped up and paid. She did harass him to make sure the hose was fitted against the wall and unkinked, so we got something better because of it.

Infinite Downloads... Not

My unending downloading came to a grinding halt. The ISP phoned Lu to say we'd gone over the limit somewhere between the 10th and 15th of May, and they were going to drop the connection speed to 200kb/s. They were supposed to send us an email according to their FAQ which warns us when we're close, although I don't think Lu knew this to ask. Anyway, if we stumped up another R$40 (£10/US$20) they'd give us another 40Gb, so we stumped up. Strange, as we'd been quite far over the last couple of months (50%+) without issue. I'm currently about 400% over this month though ;-) Although it's hard to be sure, as my network monitor measures all traffic, LAN or Internet related.

The Happiness Formula Part 1

It transpires that I watched the second part of The Happiness Formula, and fortunately I downloaded part one the other day. More interesting stuff in part one, such as the "positive psychologists" - psychologists who focus on positive issues rather than negative neurosis. Also some discussion about the human brain being perceived as a naturally cynical "device", based on our need as cavepersons to *be* cynical about situations, to be wary.

They also talked about some traditional things in life and how they make people happy, or not. For example there are apparently around 200 studies that show children *don't* make their parents any happier overall. Also marriage apparently *does* make people happier, not just a common law relationship, it has to be marriage. Of course looking with a cynical eye it depends on the marriage, but a sociologist on the programme said that even problem marriages often resolve themselves for the better.

Friends are another aspect that of course make people happy, and research has demonstrated that those people with lots of friends seem to have healthier immune systems (or perhaps you just get immune to all their diseases from constant exposure?). A formula by one of the researchers on the programme showed that you would get an equivalent amount of happiness from £50,000 as you do from having lots of friends (albeit a horribly general statement).

Curiously the Scottish government have employed a "happiness specialist" to try and increase the happiness of the people there by 15%!

Interesting programme.

Family Stuff

My Nan is still not great, but it's her birthday today and I called her to wish her a happy one. She seemed pretty much OK on the phone, but my Mum is thinking that she needs professional care at this point.

My nephew's elbow hasn't healed properly, and apparently has a very nasty break. So he's now been plastered from his fingers to his shoulder for 5 weeks. The good news is he's allowed to use his fingers now.
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