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Doc Who and AllofMP3.com
Question Mark
For Dr. Who fans, were two episodes shown last weekend? I got the impression from the voiceover at the end that the "to be continued" episode was going to be shown the same weekend (I'm checking before I search for torrents).

Also any AllofMP3.com users out there? (morals aside) How common is it for the site to be down for maintenance? I wanted to try it, but as you've probably guessed it's down for maintenance.

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Quite a bit! ;)

Ah OK, that saves any confusion.



I love the heck out of AllofMP3.com. It has been down a couple of times lately, but that is real rare in my past experience with them. My only complaints are that at the moment they aren't accepting PayPal, and they don't tend to have the more obscure stuff. But otherwise, it's great.

It seems to be up right now.

I'm still getting this message when I try to order:

"Ordering is temporarily disabled
We are sorry, but the ordering is currently disabled.

The site is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back later."

I'm desperate for some (good) new music! But I was after one particular album that they have and is hard to find.

Maybe they got zapped with some legal stuff? I was just looking it over. I am searching those rare out of print, but this probably would not be the thing for that. I Tunes would be. Those back up instructions might work with Windows, I can't tell, but I can wait until something changes. I learned not to the first person to buy into something. Some better service could come along that would give normal files. I don't want so much of a head ache.

They were trying again recently to shut them down, but they still seem to technically be OK under Russian law.

I wouldn't be surprised if AllofMP3.com had a bigger catalogue than iTunes.

There are some "normal" stores out there that offer MP3s, and pay royalties, but there are very few because the big labels only want protected files sold. I don't see this changing.

I don't mine if it is protected, as much as if I can't back it up. I added you as friend, so I replied. I was going to say, hey, cool you live in Russia, but your profile says Brazil, also very nice. My friend's daughter is going to college there, or at least she was considering that.

I still think copying the data must do a backup, although it certainly isn't clear to me from that Apple FAQ. There must be someone who knows though, it's a relatively basic thing.

I noticed the add, you're added back :-)

I would have tried it, but I guess it's down right now. I Tunes has a lot of rare stuff, that no other services have. It may not be biggest, but have a hit list called "hard to find songs", and I Tunes had all of them. When something is hard to find, I put it on a list in word, and I have been keeping it for years. I want to check out All of MP3.

I'd be interested to see how they compare. I've never tried with iTunes because it uses AAC, but I tested a few other stores (although not AllofMP3) and the catalogues were dissapointing.

Last night I downloaded several albums from them, so it should be working for you now.

Strange. I still get the same error. I've even registered, and I should have US$0.20 credit.

Do I need to have sufficient credit to buy an album to not get the error message? Although that sounds an odd way to work.

This link is where I'm getting the error: http://music.allofmp3.com/onlineenc/no-order.shtml

You will indeed need a balance in your account equal to or higher than what you are trying to order. It normally tells you that you need to refill your balance, but I'm betting the technical error they are running into now has to do with that balance issue. Try adding $10 to your account and see if it works. I had to replenish my account last night before I downloaded, so that all worked fine for me.

I'd also shoot them off an email about the errors you are seeing. They are always very fast to respond in my experience, and they may very well not know the error messages are dorked up.

OK, I added US$10 and... I still get the error :-(

I've gone to their assistance section and left a message, so hopefully they know what the issue is.

What browser and OS are you on out of interest?

OSX Tiger, though that shouldn't make a difference really. I could check it on my test PC if you like. Browser... Firefox. Always Firefox. :)

I wonder if like LJ they put users on different server to load balance. Would be a dumb way to do it in their implementation, but that might explain the different results. Maybe since you recently signed up you are on a different server. I've been using them for more than a year.

I just now downloaded another album from them, so the issue isn't across all users. :-/

I've not got Firefox installed at the moment, so I'd rather avoid installing if at all possible. But I can't imagine this is an IE problem. I just tested on my wife's PC which has IE6 and that still gives the same error.

Perhaps it is just load balancing...

All of MP3 have been down more that usual of late - since the uk copy right people started shouting that it's illegal their site traffic has apparently quadrupled - nothing like trying to ban something to make it popular. I wish the record companies would get the message that in the uk at least they are charging too much for something thats too limited - I'd gladly pay 50p a track for something with no drm, but since I use linux and a variety of mobile devices drm renders the tracks useless and its cheaper to buy the cd - mad.

I *still* can't buy any songs. Weird. Also no reply to my request for assistance from them, but I'll see how it goes. I'm not in any rush, more dissapointed with their service.

Any ideas if their download software can be used for searching as well?

havn't tried it myself but I'm pretty certain it can. I guess its prob a clone of itunes

It can definitely search but I *still* get the error even with this program. At least I was yesterday. Still no response from AllofMP3.com assistance, although I've got other problems to deal with at the moment.

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