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Images of 7 July: Reluctant hero. The BBC's mini-site centred around the remembrance of the bombings in London.

BPI gets go-ahead to sue MP3 site. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) (AKA Arch Money Grabbers) has been given permission to sue by the High Court, with proceedings to be issued in Russia this week. Although it is believed that instituting any ruling in Russia will be extremely difficult (hopefully!).

'Bionic' limb breakthrough made. Researchers at University College London have found a way to allow a prosthesis to breach the skin without infection, a major hurdle in creating bionic limbs.

Australian PM demands Brother axe. After an alleged incident of sexual assault in Australia's Big Brother, Prime Minister John Howard is demanding it be axed.

Paranoia 'a widespread problem'. King's College researchers have found that levels of paranoia are much higher than expected in the UK, and are paralleling those of anxiety and depression. Isn't everyone relatively paranoid though? I'm not sure this is as big a surprise as they make it out to be...

Also a recommendation to catch Panorama's programme which is (or was) showing on BBC World, about the US government's attempts to bury US research showing that global warming is man made. Might be of particular interest to those US LJ friends.
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