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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Time For Tea
My Twinings (now is that Twine-ings, or Twin-ings?) English Breakfast tea has come to an end, so I'm forced to move on to the Twinings Five Tea Selection Box. Here's the chance for you to greatly influence my life by virtue of a LiveJournal poll, and choose what flavour of teas I try, in order of what gets the highest votes. Should I continue with the sample of English Breakfast Tea, or try an exotic Dareeling teabag?

What tea should I choose next?

Lady Grey
Prince of Wales
Earl Grey
English Breakfast

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Earl Grey being the more well-known of the teas, I say try that one. The Prince of Wales one sounds bland and uninteresting--coincidence???

Curiously it also has very large ears...

Erk! I can't not say it....
There's nothing exotic about a teabag, darjeeling or otherwise. Actually, darjeeling is pleasant, but it's not a good wake-you-up-in-the-morning brew - too delicate for that. More suitable for posh afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches. And I can't comment on the Grey family, because it all tastes like soap to me.

Damn you tea snobs! ;-)

I can't be bothered with all that proper tea leaves in boxes malarkey. Aside from the fact that the finest of tea strainers always leaves a leaf residue.

I'm almost convinced that they *will* all taste like soap, other than EB, based on my memories of having drunk other weird teas as a kid.

I'll keep an eye out for it, although I have a feeling that English Breakfast tea is going to be the only thing that floats my boat.

Try the Assam. I was an English Breakfast person, and then an Irish Breakfast person, and now Assam is always my first choice. I find Earl Grey unpleasant at best. Darjeeling, in the right circumstances, can be nice. But basically I like something with more balls than that.

Did you know that the Greys are usually made with assam? It's the oil of bergamot that gives the tea the Grey flavor.

(Said she who drinks tea all the time and appreciates good tea, but is perfectly happy with PG Tips much of the time.)

I'm a lover of ole PG as well. Unfortunately I ran out of my supply, so had to source the next best thing. Fortunately I found this Twinings, albeit rather expensive.

Yes. And the bergamot is what makes it disgusting.

My life wouldn't be complete without vast quantities of Earl Grey every day.

So it's no surprise what I voted for. :)

Aaaaah, an Earl Grey girl? OK, we've got you pegged now ;-)

You should adopt the same attitude towards tea-bag tea as coffee lovers adopt towards instant coffee -- it's all very well if you value the convenience, but it's not something that you should be using if you're hoping to gain some real experience of what a particular type of tea is like.

Find someone to sell you loose leaf tea. Twinings (pronounced as in "twine") will be very pleased to do so.

I'm in coffee loving Brazil at the moment, so finding tea ain't so easy. I have found a cute little shop which has Twinings though, both bags and loose leaf. As mentioned to badasstronaut though it's all a bit of a faff, and I always get tea leaf scum left in the cup.

Actually, Twining Irish Breakfast isn't bad.

There's *Irish* as well? Kooky. Is it made from purest four leaf clovers?

You won't die of a stray tea leaf, you know, and it's more than worth the pleasure.

Well there's all the extra expensive of a teapot and strainer... I guess I can try it, if I can find either here.

I tend to think Earl Grey tastes like lemon-scented Fairy Liquid.

There's a bit of a soapy theme coming through for this one, which rings bells with a tea I tasted many years ago.

I personally like the Moroccan style mint tea sans so much sugar. But, if you have an adversion to tea leaf reminants you may not go for it. But, really, it is not that bad and something that you adapt to if you try:-)

(here from tickybox) See which one smells the best to you, and try that? I don't remember PoW being terribly memorable, but at least it's not strongly flavor-added the way the Greys are. Also, I prefer Lady Grey to Earl Grey, as the flavor is more complex and less of the strong one-note.

But in Brazil, maybe you could try some of the coffee--unless you already know that you hate the stuff. Add ice and milk to get a nice, cool, coffee-flavored beverage.

I actually quite like coffee, albeit it has to be quite milky and sweet. In Brazil they seem to drink two extremes, either incredibly milky sweet coffee (we're talking 80-90% milk, and this is commonly drunk at breakfast) or shots of VERY strong black coffee (commonly drunk during the day).

I still prefer tea though for some reason, as a general "during the day" drink. Must be my British DNA :-)

Just say no to perfume tea!

I have to say I'm not a fan of it, but I'm willing to give these teas a go once more (I'm sure I tried a few a good few years back).

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