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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Time For Tea
My Twinings (now is that Twine-ings, or Twin-ings?) English Breakfast tea has come to an end, so I'm forced to move on to the Twinings Five Tea Selection Box. Here's the chance for you to greatly influence my life by virtue of a LiveJournal poll, and choose what flavour of teas I try, in order of what gets the highest votes. Should I continue with the sample of English Breakfast Tea, or try an exotic Dareeling teabag?

What tea should I choose next?

Lady Grey
Prince of Wales
Earl Grey
English Breakfast

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(here from tickybox) See which one smells the best to you, and try that? I don't remember PoW being terribly memorable, but at least it's not strongly flavor-added the way the Greys are. Also, I prefer Lady Grey to Earl Grey, as the flavor is more complex and less of the strong one-note.

But in Brazil, maybe you could try some of the coffee--unless you already know that you hate the stuff. Add ice and milk to get a nice, cool, coffee-flavored beverage.

I actually quite like coffee, albeit it has to be quite milky and sweet. In Brazil they seem to drink two extremes, either incredibly milky sweet coffee (we're talking 80-90% milk, and this is commonly drunk at breakfast) or shots of VERY strong black coffee (commonly drunk during the day).

I still prefer tea though for some reason, as a general "during the day" drink. Must be my British DNA :-)

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