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Swimming pool use link to asthma. Belgian researchers believe that swimming pools can increase the likelihood of childhood asthma, due to Chlorine.

Rubbing suncream in 'cuts effect'. It's about time we had decent instructions on suncream, as apparently we shouldn't be rubbing it in...

Stem cell vote set to draw Bush veto. Senators are poised to pass a bill next week that will increase funding for human embryo research, with a view to research using stem cells. Bush, under pressure from religious conservatives, is likely to use his presidential veto to halt the bill though. And what about democracy?...

Review: Wireless music systems. Auntie Beeb reviews the Sonos and Airport Express wireless music systems, and finds Apple's offering surprisingly difficult to setup. Although if memory serves the Sonos system is significantly more expensive.

BSkyB joins 'free broadband' war. BSkyB offers free 2Mb/s broadband to its satellite subscribers.

Videogame addiction clinic opens. A clinic in the Netherlands has opened to treat mostly children with an addiction to gameplaying. One 21 year-old says that he was playing games 17 hours a day, and never left his room.

Digital home 'still 10 years off'. The CE of Sonos says that we're still a while from the digital home, 10 to 20 years. One problem he cites is the bandwidth requirement of video.

(Thank goodness for Internet in the classroom during a slow lesson...)
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