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Useful Forum Posts, Mushrooms, Course Dates, Google Image-fu, and the Friday Fives

I've asked so many questions in so many forums over the 'net that I've finally got around to remembering to bookmark those I do ask in my special "Useful Forum Posts" folder. What a twit I am. I've got around 1600 bookmarks now, and they're all potentially useful (made even easier to find with Avant Browser's search function). Although I remember asking somewhere... yes, somewhere I forgot to bookmark... about how many favourites/bookmarks people have, and it was generally a lot less than this. Ah, I remember where I asked. The Avant Browser forum!

I keep seeing this pack of weird and wonderful mushrooms at our lovely local Japanese supermarket, so I finally bought one. Now I need to find a recipe for a mushroom stroganoff or risotto. The latter I'm pretty deft at making, even if I do say so myself, although how you'd factor mushrooms into my standard recipe I have no idea.

I got my course dates completely wrong. It transpires that aside from the boo boo I made this week, I have a full course next week, then the next and last week isn't until the end of August. Oh well, that spaces it out more and I'll start with the exams I think.

Does anyone have Google Image-fu? I'd like to find an image for a "Captain Obvious" and a "Captain Positive" icon, to compliment my "Captain Negative" icon. Edit: Of course I could have tried typing "Captain Obvious" into Google, duh!

From the fridayfiver:

1. When is the last time your phone rang in the middle of the night?

I don't remember. Not for a VERY long time, and even then it was probably a wrong number.

2. Who makes you yell?

My family, people with bad manners (although with the latter I tend to be yelling mentally) and those who are too quick to judge others.

3. What do you do for fun?

Well I'm eating cashews at the moment. But failing that surfing the 'net, or watching TV at the moment.

4. What hours do you work/go to school?

Other than my very limited 9-6 studying at the moment, I only have to go the office once a week on a Wednesday, to construct and send an email newsletter. Otherwise I work from home, and the amount of time depends a little on what I need to do vs. how much I want to do.

5. Who is number one in your life?

My wife... or should that be me.

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you like summer in general? Why or why not?

I LOVE it. My favourite season, particularly when it's a sunny HOT HOT HOT summer.

2. Are you liking this summer (or, for those of you in the southern hemisphere, did you like this past summer)? Why or why not?

Wahey, a non-hemispherically biased question! I think I liked this past summer, although there was quite a bit of rain. Yep, even in Brazil.

3. What were summers like for you as a child? Did you enjoy them?

I loved summers, and loathed returning to school after the holidays. It was a typical time for family holidays, and I used to love sunbathing and being on the beach. I also used to spend a lot more time with friends going out to places, building camps, all the usual things. Everything's better with a dash of sun.

4. Which summer was your favourite? Which summer was your least favourite? Why?

I don't remember a particular favourite, or a particular least favourite. As a child I generally enjoyed them all, and nothing untoward happened.

5. Have you had summer jobs? Which were your favourite and least favourite? Why?

In terms of least favourite... I worked in a couple of garden centres, although these weren't specifically summer jobs if I recall correctly. I remember one garden centre where I had to move conifers from one greenhouse to another the entire day, and it was raining, muddy, and generally awful. The owners were complete and utter wankers, and I left after working there two days. I worked at the other garden centre a lot longer, but when I went back there after a gap during my exams they refused to acknowledge that I could return, despite what had been said previously. They gave me a job shovelling gravel for the day, which I did for about one hour, then I foxtrot oscar'd home (which meant probably the longest walk I have ever done).

In terms of favourite, well none were huge favourites. I worked for a Civil Engineering type company one summer, before I was at University I think. The work was relatively OK, and I got some experience (and some money!).

From thefridayfive:

1. How much time do you spend on the Internet daily?

Lots :-) It varies depending on what else I have to do, but seeing as I work with the Internet as well it can be upwards of 8 hours a day, or more. As if you hadn't guessed already...

2. What are your favorite 3 websites? (of course), BBC News, and Google. I'm sure these are the sites I visit most...

I'm also a frequenter of (and many of its film discussion forums), CPTEC for São Paulo's weather, CETESB's site for São Paulo's air quality,, Last.FM, my site, and last but not least the site I work for.

3. Do you eat at your computer?

Frequently, yes. Which reminds me, I need to clean this keyboard. Food + keyboards = nastiness.

4. Pick one and why - Reading the news online or in a newspaper?

Online. Goodbye newspapers... (and mucky fingers). The web is just the perfect place to read news, thanks to the wonder of hyperlinks.

5. How many people are on your instant messenger buddy list?

Not many. My sister and my parents, and a very few friends. Despite loving IM about 7 or 8 years ago, and going through a big phase of it, I don't enjoy it so much any more. I often delete people off my list and just leave those people I actually talk to, although I rarely block people.
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