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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Hong Kong in 'Lights Out' plan. Air pollution in Hong Kong has got so bad that there's a public campaign for everyone to turn their lights out for 3 minutes on the 8th day of the month at 8 o'clock. Although wouldn't not using your car be a better idea?

Spain arrests fairground migrants. Police arrest 383 migrants trying to enter Spain while hiding in fairground attractions. Dare I say it's a fair cop?

Drug 'treats depression in hours'. Ketamine, an anaesthetic and recreational drug, has been found to relieve symptoms of depression within hours of use. Unlike traditional remedies which can take weeks or months to take effect. The only problem is the halucinatory side-effects, so as long as you can cope with blue elephants in tutus, no issue.

Britons online '50 days a year'. The British spend an average of 50 days online per year, based on the average of 23.5 hours per week. 87% of Britons shop online, with 78% doing home banking.

Baby badges for Japan commuters. In an attempt to get Japanese commuters to give up their seats for pregnant women, badges are being given out with "There is a baby in my stomach" printed on them. It's part of an initiative to encourage couples to have children, although it sounds like they might need a biology lesson.

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The date on this is August 11, but this is August 8. That's why it won't show up in my Friends List until August 11.

Whoops, thanks for reporting it. I'm in the middle of a training session, and the date on these PCs is FUBAR'd! :-)

No one will see it. I was looking back on our past discussion of the Live Journal back up. I did it, but it is not ideal, if you delete the software, the text is still not saved. I think saving each file as a doc file is the only way to be sure, and then burn them to cd or dvd rom.

I thought it saved to a file. I normally save it to My Documents which is backed up on my system. Of course there's no way to upload data to LiveJournal, but at least with LJArchive it saves comments as well, and makes light work of finding entries and searching. So it seems a better option that Word documents to me.

I am working with it right now

I download it, and it saves to a file, but you must have the program currently installed to read the files. As far as I can tell. I used it to check over my old entries and fine tune them. It was easy to see past entries, that was the good thing about it. The problem is I also save to files, but it would take too long to restore it based on date one entry at a time, unless you could import the whole thing into a blog community, such as eblooger, or back to live journal again.

Re: I am working with it right now

It's a shame LiveJournal don't have an import function, particularly one that's compatible with LJArchive.

Re: I am working with it right now

yes, I am thinking of not paying them in Sept. until they address my concerns. The friends system needs to change, and there is no back up. It is super hard to view your old posts, and editing is a nightmare, even if you go paid.

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