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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Brazilian jet lands safely after door falls off. ... and other various stories of the Tam airline and its plane problems. Lucky us, we're flying with them at the end of September!

Edit: In other news, moving the PC's guts to the Coolermaster case was mostly a success. The only problems I had were locating the DVD burner, and a couple of the hard disks. The problem with the DVD burner was caused by four plastic lugs, two on either side, of the removable front face of the case. They were there to locate the blanking plates, but so big that they blocked the front of the DVD burner from going through the mostly DVD burner sized hole in the front face. I eventually attacked them with a craft knife and snips, and it fit through. For some reason my DVD ROM drive was fine, so the front of the DVD burner might be an odd size. The hard disks were difficult to locate because a RAM chip was partially in the way for the highest drive, although that was easily removed, and the damnable huge Northbridge heatsink was in the way for the other, although I *just* managed to squeeze it past. After some issues with the IDE drives being in the wrong order on the cable it all worked fine. And more importantly the Northbridge heatsink's around 15-20C cooler, so not only is the hardware in a much better state of coolness, the particular Northbridge problems appears to have been solved. Even better was when I put the case sides on, and the temperature actually dropped, showing that there's proper airflow. So other than the couple of problems mentioned, the case was excellent; really well built, and easy to use.

Now I should really go to bed, as I've got to that I'm so tired I feel drunk stage. I just have to tidy up first though...

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eep! my only experience with a brazilian airline was a flight from rio to iguazu falls...

when i moved to rio, i flew there from miami. it was a series of awful flights on american airlines, starting in newark, nj. i had a bit of a fear of flying, but nothing too tremendous. we took off just as a terrible storm was starting, and i remember being petrified seeing the lightning and bouncing along as we tried to ascend. mostly though, i remember the look of fear on the other passengers' faces. i made it to miami, and breathed a sigh of relief.

it was a 6 hour wait in miami - my flight didn't leave until midnight. a long 6 hours, by myself, in miami airport = no fun. i got on the flight to rio - a great big comfy plane. we started to taxi out to the runway, when the flight attendant discovered some tanks of some sort of gas in the overhead. nobody would claim them, so it was back to the gate where they removed the tanks. now i was petrified that we'd blow up halfway to brazil!

hours and hours and hours later, i finally arrived in rio. phew! no more flying for me! or so i thought...

my parents were waiting to pick me up at the gate. but rather than a happy welcome, i got a 'hurry up we have a plane to catch!'. it turned out we were going to iguazu right then!

after getting off the big comfy american airlines plane, the vasp plane looked a little less than appealing. or air-worthy. i got on the cramped plane, and a horrid smell hit me. what the smell was, i'll never know. i noticed the plane seemed to have extra seats crammed in. surely, they wouldn't put extra seats in...would they? i took my seat, only to find the tray table wouldn't stay up. i had to hold it up. as we took off, children in the row in front of me were jumping up and down on their seats. they weren't wearing seatbelts! the sound the plane made as we made our way through the clouds was equivalent to the sound of something expanding very slowly...creeeak...creeeeeeak...creeeeeeeeeak...

it was the worst flight ever. i was in absolute distress. my mom tried to make me feel better by asking the flight attendant for a pillow. unfortunately, her portuguese was a bit lacking, and instead she asked him for a mattress.

since then, i've had a horrid fear of flying.

the end!

Ouch! The question is did you get your mattress? ;-)

The most "interesting" flight I've been on was in the Maldives, which was a small 10-seater type seaplane. I could see why they had vomit bags.

This is aside from my gliding experience, and flying a helicopter...

ooh, you're very brave! i don't think i could handle the seaplane, or gliding. i did go in a helicopter once, but that was prior to my fear. ;)

i didn't get my mattress. or a pillow for that matter.

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