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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Auntie Beeb
BB Piano
Interesting, the expat site has got an email from the BBC's Brazil correspondent, and they want to do an interview with us. For part of a larger article related to the upcoming election in Brazil. Nice :-) Apparently our newsletter has proven "invaluable for keeping up with trends in Brazil from a gringo perspective." and he's been subscribed for "the best part of a year" (the time I've been assembling and editing the newsletter). Hopefully the site owner will invite me to be involved if it all goes ahead...

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oooh that sounds like a very interesting opp.!

Should be good for the site. Anything that gets us ahead of the competition :-) Although in all honesty there's no-one who's at the same level as us.

is there any site like yours? cuz im not sure you have competition, period.

There's one that directly competes with us, but their content level is lower, albeit they VERY frustratingly steal authors from our site. Nothing much we can do about that unfortunately. Also their site generally looks awful, and is full of things like Google Ads and popups.

There's another that is trying to grow as well, which might prove more serious. But running a site like this is hard work, and I suspect this other person hasn't quite realised that yet. Their site looks lovely, but the actual content is laid out in a strange way, and is also very slow to be changed.

Getting content is the number one problem, and that which we try the hardest at.

I spotted another site which is specific to Rio as well, aside from another couple of general sites which are down in the noise.

ah cool. i had only heard of yours. then again i dont generally go after them... being as im not gringo and all that.

by the way, i tagged you so go to my journal and see what you have to do :P yes, it is stupid but be nice and join in the fun.

Ah yes I did spot this, but I have a feeling I did it before. I was going to check LJArchive first ;-)

aaaw pffft :P then just copy paste it for me :P

Ah well I was going to, but forgot ;-) I often need reminding with my bad memory...


Well you should be involved in some capacity.

I hope so. The journalist did make reference to wanting to speak to the team, and my boss only administrates the advertising now, and has little to do with the site's day-to-day stuff. My boss is a jounalist for US newspapers and magazines anyway, although he's Irish, so he knows what it's all about.

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