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YouTube Yous is Slow!

So I did the video blog, but YouTube is taking unusually long to process the upload. Kooky.

The webcam still isn't great, but after logging the CPU load issue with Logitech and following a long thread on their support forum, there's a major bug with the driver for all their high end cameras. A bug that's been around a few months as well.

Supposedly this will be fixed in a software update sometime this month.

The video quality isn't by the QuickCam 10 software outputting in WMV format, as it suffers from a fair bit of blocking.

Anyway, hurry up YouTube!

Edit: In other news, I forgot to mention that I got an email yesterday from the sister of Ron Merrill, Marcia Sanchez. Ron was the US guy who was murdered by a Brazilian woman, Regina Rachid, and her boyfriend for money. She was impressed by the article I'd written about the topic, which was particularly great as it was an interview with her that prompted me to write it, to try and warn foreigners about dating people they aren't sure of. Last week I got an email from someone who briefly dated the murderess. I mentioned this to Marcia and she is interested in getting in contact with the guy to see if it helps the case against her, although I suspect Regina's already banged up.
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