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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I can't make my mind up today, probably because I feel kinda depressed.

Despite that the two options are (a) to go and see The Prestige (Lu has two free cinema tickets) and (b) my English student invited me to a dinner with some friends. The student is talking about turning it into an impromptu English class and me being paid, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I'd rather just go along and have some fun, and talk English. It's not a problem, I don't need paying for it. Aside from the issue of affording to eat out mind you.

Anyway, I can't decide which to do, or whether to do nothing at all. I feel like doing nothing at all, but that's probably because I'm lazy. Once I get going though I tend to enjoy things. I still have web site work to do today, despite the holiday. I'm not bothered, I enjoy it and prefer to post some articles.

In other news this Russian site has posted nine clips from The Fountain, although they've been taken from IESB.net. Clip 9's probably my favourite, the "futuristic" part of the film where the main character is floating through space, albeit not in a traditional sense.

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The Prestige is amazing. I highly recommend you see it, even if not today. You should go to the dinner and just have them pay for your food =)

Difficult, but in the end the fact that there could be a bit of money coming in would shift the balance in favour of the dinner.

In theory we could do both, but we've already missed the first showing of the film. I've got a case of apathy though and am all for mooching around in front of a PC (for a change), although sometimes I've noticed that a kick up the rear end and getting myself out actually means I end up enjoying it. Kinky huh!

As below I'd feel weird about charging anything, that blurring of business and pleasure... buseasure, or pleainess (which sounds a bit rude).

The answer is simple. Get out and watch the film, spend a little quality time with Lu. And charge for your services at the meal (because in the end you are actually supplying a service while you're there) but maybe charge them less.


Now I must save the rest of the world...


Damn you and your world-saving-sense-talking-super-powers! ;-)

It seems to be getting generally great reviews, and has a great cast. It's certainly looking like a goodie!

As for the dinner, I'm kinda averse to the idea of them paying anything. It feels kinda weird, not sure why. Perhaps that blurring of business and pleasure, whereas I prefer to keep them separate.

Just what I was going to say. Let the students buy your dinner.

Haha, I guess we'll see if it turns into an English lesson or not. I did an English lesson in a café before and it was hard work (with 5 students).

Well so long as you keep speaking in english and pointing things out in english and telling stories in english, I think it would count.

Gareth is DYING to see that movie and if he had free tickets he would drag me there. Or go along. Either way, it looks great.

As for the dinner -- if it's a class you should be paid and it's not fair for you to have to "teach" them and not get anything for it. If you went and they paid for dinner and some wine... that might be good. Which would you rather do?

It was indeed fab, just watched it.

I'm always wary of these business-y pleasure-y things. It's either one or the other, and when it's a group of people I don't know I want to make sure expectations are set first. Otherwise there might be tears before bed time... so I'd rather meet them first. Although I don't really want to end up in the profession of English teacher either.

Oh, definitely go see The Prestige--it's one of those movies with twists you just did NOT see coming. Also, Batman and Wolverine getting into magic fights? What's not to love!

It was extremely good, except I was a bit bemused by Bale's accent and some of the scenes he had with his character's wife.

i'd go for the dinner - you can go see prestige any other time.

I did a bad job of explaining that these weren't "or" options, we could actually do both, which it looks like we're doing. If that makes sense :-)

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