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Fatness and Randomness

Lu's off to her French class this morning.

I'm a bit sad about my weight which has slowly crept up due to the usual combination of me being a semi-lazy person, but mostly through eating too much. So again I'll have to try my hardest to cut back. I'd given up weeks ago with the diet pills which were costing me R$150 (£40/US$80) a month, and despite being appetite suppressants they weren't suppressing my appetite. I can take placebos, they're cheaper ;-) I'd rather have amphetamine type pills than these, although I probably shouldn't take these either and I'm not sure I'll return to the doctors about it. Also I'm not sure I'll return to the nutritionist, as based on what she said I have a good handle on what I need to do, I just need to do it. If we return to the UK it should be easier, at least to get some exercise. There's something about being stuck in a flat, in the middle of a vast urban jungle, that doesn't lend itself to exercise and makes it easier to fabricate excuses. Boy do I miss a house with a garden!

The forecast looked promising yesterday, with 35C temperatures. Today though it's completely changed with sub-30C temperatures and rain for the next 3 or 4 days. This has been a relatively shit Spring weather-wise so far.

In other news, I wonder what the chances of getting decent Internet are in the UK? I know that where Mum and Dad live they're stuck with a maximum speed of 1Mb/s, whereas here I've got 8Mb/s (I just did an iTunes update - because it asked - and got a maxxed out 1MB/s download speed!). The problem with the Internet here though is although it's possible to get some cracking bandwidth, the latency on a lot of sites, inevitably in the US and Europe, is irritating.

Rhetorical question: why does iTunes need my credit card details just so I can download album artwork? I just want to try the program, and I was mostly interested in this cover browser which it seems they've finally added to the Windows version. Anyway, I see that iTunes has an alert function! Which is a feature I've been looking for all over the place, and something I've talked about a few times in the past as being very useful on any music website. So if you select "alert me" on an artist it'll tell you if something new by them comes out. Useful! Curiously I spotted a "duff" album price, at least I assume it is. £8 for a 3 track album called "Darkness" by Peter Gabriel.

I've already spotted three new albums I've missed just traipsing through a few favourite artists on iTunes. So I'm probably "late to the party" with these musical observations, but it's interesting to see that Jarvis has released a solo album, plus a greatest hits from Moby (another?), and a new All Saints album (although only their first was vaguely good, with the second having only a couple of decent tracks... albeit very decent tracks). It'll take a while to setup alerts for *everyone*.

It's not often that I say this, but credit where credit's due, and congratulations to the UK government for having such a great system for visa application. You just go to their visa application site, select a few criteria, and it generates an online form which was very easy to complete. Then once completed the form can be saved and printed, and all the details of other documents that must be sent are clear as well.

Anyway, back to my Company of Heroes addiction, although I fear it's all getting a bit difficult...
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