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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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São Paulo Rain

I managed to catch some lightning and thunder on this video. There's a strike at about 0:30, another at about 1:25, another minor one at 2:00, I think, me fiddling with the camera at about 2:30, and that seems to be it.

Unless of course you just want to watch the soothing raindrops on the window, or just not watch it at all because you know what rain, lighting and thunder are like ;-)

And now I have to go walk to my English class in this, although thankfully I think it's stopped...

Edit: So much for that idea, I walked 200m up the road, my umbrella was about as much use as a table tennis bat, and I was completely soaked to the skin from head to toe (all my clothes are hanging on the clothes rack, and my trainers are standing up and dripping). I was having to jump the rivers that formed in the road, but gave up when my shoes reached squelch point. Ah yes and note to self: add to must-do-on-pain-of-death list, silicone sealant. To seal up window where the rain pours through.

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I don't like walking in storms. Maybe because I have so much sin in my soul, I'm convinced I'll get hit with the force of an angry god.

LOL :-) I don't mind watching storms from inside, but this one was a doozy and I just got soaked to the skin and had to walk home again, in squelchy trainers. Thanks angry God!

The weather here is best described as aggressive, particularly rain. Typically it's torrential, rather than the sort of weak rain we get in the UK. I do prefer something more definite, again when I'm not under it. There's also a fair bit of lightning, although hopefully it'll go for all the tall buildings around, rather than me. Although better to be soaking wet when hit by lightning, just in case you ever need to know that.

There's a much lower chance of dying, so I guess that counts as hurting less.

Thank you so much for this video.
Its full some kind of magic calm an pacification.
Rain, lightnings... Wonderfull feelings.
Thanks :)

Glad someone got a kick out of it :-)

I hate it when that happens. I'm out and about a lot these past few days and it seems I'm always out when it's pouring and get into places the instant the rain stops.

I've never been out in a rain storm here, so this was a first. I still can't get over that I went from dry to having a bath with my clothes on in the space of about 2 minutes. Plus I've just noticed it broke my umbrella :-( I've just mopped up the last of the water in our utility room as well, LOL.

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