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Casino Royale, WMP11 and Fountain Competition

I watched Casino Royale in a couple of sittings over the last few days. It wasn't the greatest copy (it's not out in Brazil) but whether that affected the viewing pleasure or not I'm not sure. I certainly liked the gritty aspect, and Craig didn't make a bad Bond at least, despite being mostly stuck with a single steely glaze (and orelha da feijao). But for whatever reason the story just didn't grab me. Also the scene with Bond and the chair, for those that've seen it, I found downright silly, albeit supposedly taken straight from the book. I'll try and watch it again properly at some point, but for the moment I think my favourite still has to be something like Goldeneye.

In other news, I just updated WMP10 to v11 (no idea when that came out) and I'm mostly impressed. The interface has moved on light years, and the idea of browsing albums via artwork albeit in a list view is very appealing, it's certainly a lot more practical than iTunes' cover browser. It's also allowed me to import all my video files which I was really struggling to manage, and it copes with pictures as well. The single biggest problem with WMP11 though is speed. It regularly freezes when switching between views, presumably because there's several thousand MP3s and a thousand or more video files to deal with. Trying to sort video files by a criteria also causes a lockup for a few seconds while it thinks about it. I've also hit another problem that cleaning up the WMP library is proving to be impossible. I accidentally added my backup drive so have duplicate copies of most of my MP3s, and rescanning the right folder doesn't seem to affect it. Surely WMP has a library cleanup function? Although Winamp's slow to start, it beats WMP hands down from the POV of just browsing around the library, although WMP11 sure looks purty.

My Fountain competition did get the prerequisite three entries at least :-) One of them was a rather lovely pencil sketch of Izzi and Tom, the main characters. The other two were FAQ entries. So one short term job is to consolidate those and write an FAQ. The guy at Warner said that he could send two posters out and the third to me, but I told him I'd rather they went to the three winners. He then wrote back and said he would try and send me an extra one anyway, and asked if I'd like to post a competition for another film, although I've never heard of it.
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