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I was thinking of joining Blockbuster's unlimited DVD Rental thing again, despite my wayward finances, just for some relatively cheap and cheerful entertainment. Also for the dead time when Lu's away for the next 3 or so months. Problem is I've reached one of those film impasses again, where I can't really think of any films on DVD I'm desperate to see (or even films at the cinema). Perhaps I'll double check their site and see if there's anything listed. I completely hammered the system last time I was a member, managing to turn around a large number of films in 3 or so months.

Spotted an IT Manager position at a local school which looks interesting, money's so-so, but that's tempered a bit by it being local, plenty of leave, and slightly reduced hours. I also like the idea of the school environment, although perhaps the reality is something different from what I'm expecting.

The idea of a full time job has me fretting a bit, as long time readers with a good memory will remember I often talk about. It's not working, it's just having a job with enoguh work to do. I *hate* being trapped in the 9-5 without anything to do, hate Hate HATE!

Was having a look at Sainsbury's lease-to-buy option for a car, which all looked fine and dandy until you see the "final payment if you want to keep the car" amount. Ouch! I'm wondering how I'll afford a vaguely decent car, even with a millstone-like-loan.

Have started watched Last Train, nabbed from UKNova, which appears to be an oldish ITV series. It's a classic miserable dystopian series that us Brits do so well. It's not bad either, if you can get over the idea of a science fiction-y aerosol that can freeze everyone in a train carriage for a decade or two.
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